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Pest Control Bedford TX

Pest Control Problems in Bedford TX

Like most of Eastern Texas, Bedford has a humid subtropical climate, which means mild winters and hot, humid summers. Unfortunately, this type of weather is ideal for many types of insects and pests. Since there are no harsh winters to slow down the insects, they are a year-round problem. And in many cases, the hot summers actually encourage faster reproduction rates among pests.

Residents of Bedford have to deal with a variety of ants, spiders, termites, tarantulas, scorpions, rodents, mosquitos, bed bugs, and many others. Let us help you with all your home pest control needs. Oh and we also do a great job at commercial pest control. Get an accurate price quote here. 

Since the Dallas-Fort Worth area has become a huge travel center, cities in the area have also begun to experience an increase in bedbug infestations. Bedbugs often hitch rides in luggage, so the summer travel season and holidays are particularly difficult times. With all of the pest problems that Texas faces, many residents of Bedford seek out professional help with their pest control

Bedford’s Pest Control Solution

Vinx Pest Control is the answer to all of your pest control problems. We use only the best products that are long-lasting and safe. Our technicians are also specially trained to know how, when, and where to apply these products to achieve max efficiency. Finally, we are confident in our work and back it up with the best guarantee you will find in the industry.

If you see pests between our regular visits, we will come back out at no charge to you. If we have to come back and treat your property more than two times between treatments, you will be refunded the cost of your service. We will get the job done and do it right. Vinx Pest Control wants to earn your business and your trust. Give us a call today!

The History of Bedford

Bedford, Texas is one of the “Mid-Cities” between Dallas and Fort Worth. Residents love it because it is a safe, friendly community with a small town feel, while still being just minutes away from all of the entertainment and services afforded by the large metro area. The area around present-day Bedford was first settled around 1850. In 1870, Weldon Wiles Bobo and others migrated from Bedford County, TN.

Bobo established a store and post office to serve the area. He and other migrants to the area agreed to name their community Bedford after their previous home in Tennessee. In the 1880’s Bedford was a booming community, second in size in Tarrant County only to Fort Worth. When the railway, and then eventually the freeway bypassed Bedford, the population stagnated. Although it now has a modest population of 49,000, Bedford has remained a smaller, quiet suburb.

Here’s some sketchy weather that we sometimes experience here:


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