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There’s nothing quite as scary as hearing the scratching, moving, and biting of mice. You stay awake at night and wonder, “How do exterminators get rid of mice?” The answer: Stop their food and shelter source, draw them away from your home or business, and prevent them from coming back.

There have been too many nights where you lose sleep because mice are crawling around in your attic and walls. Mice love to bite through your wires, walls, and insulation. They wreak havoc wherever they go, and we shouldn’t allow them to stick around any longer! Thankfully, we’ll share with you the five easy methods that exterminators use to get rid of mice for good.

5 Steps to Getting Rid of Mice

Getting rid of mice shouldn’t be your full-time job, and if you’re trying old-school methods, you probably will feel like that. Exterminators use top of the line products, but they also think outside the box to stop your mice problem. Here are five tried-and-true secrets to cutting back on a mouse infestation:

1. Properly Store Food

It’s so important to properly store food. However, many people don’t realize they’re storing food improperly! Food has to be put into airtight containers so that no mice can get into it. This includes your favorite cereals, pastas, and rice. Make sure that everything is airtight and in a plastic or glass container that mice cannot chew through.

2. Get Rid of Mouse Hot Spots

Mice love your home because it provides a ton of great spots for them to hang out and relax. Pile of leaves? Comfy! A warm car? Perfect! Bushes? Shelter! Though you may think that these places are harmless, mice love them. They think that they are the perfect spot to hang out. Make sure that you get rid of piles of leaves, wood, or built up garbage or trash. On top of that, trim trees and bushes four feet away from your home to keep mice from climbing to your roof.

3. Bait Stations

Once you’ve done those two steps, move on to bait stations. Exterminators use bait stations to draw mice away from the home and outside, where they search for a water source because bait makes them thirsty. This prevents them from dying in your home or walls, which is something no one needs. High-quality bait can be difficult to find because exterminators carry special licenses that allow them to buy bait not available to the public.

4. Trap Them

If you aren’t having success with bait, exterminators then trap the mice to get rid of them for sure. This can be a lengthy process because most traps can only hold one mouse at a time, and bait is much preferred to traps. You can find many different types of traps at the store.

5. Seal Up Holes

Once the mice are gone, it’s time to seal up the holes. Mice can get through holes as small as a number 2 pencil, so you need to seal up all the holes with things that mice cannot chew through. This may include copper wire, metal flashing, or other materials. Every single hole will need to be sealed up, so make sure you do a thorough inspection.

Conclusion: How do exterminators get rid of mice?

Getting rid of mice is a hard job, and oftentimes, it is difficult to do on your own. If you’re not having success with what you’re doing, give Vinx Pest Control a call. We’re locally owned and operated in Dallas and Fort Worth, so we know the ins and outs of exterminating in Dallas. We serve all the way from Allen to Coppell. Fill out our form or call 972-855-8469 for a free quote today.

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