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Get our GreenShield Lawn Fertilization package today and watch your lawn turn GREEN! (Utah Only)

Ready to have the best looking lawn on your street?  Vinx offers an all-inclusive lawn fertilization and weed control service.  Get a greener lawn or your money back!

6 Steps to Perfecting Your Lawn

Recovery – Winters are harsh on your lawn.  Once the cold hits you lawn will shut down to protect itself.  As it warms up outside we give you lawn a boost in early spring to help it recover from any winter damage.

Preventing – Our serivce is designed to prevent the spread of noxious weeds and grasses.  Any broadleaf weeds, like dandelions, are prevented on your lawn.  It won’t eliminate already established crabgrass and spurge but it will help prevent them from spreading.

Eliminate – If any broadleaf weeds do germinate later in the season our products work to eliminate them and other noxious weeds

Nutrients – Providing your lawn with the right nutrients to thrive is our goal.  When your lawn has the right nutrients it developes a lush feel and a deep green tone.  A healthy lawn also requires less water.

Protect – During the heat of the summer the sun can scorch your lawn.  By getting enough water and the right nutrition, your lawn will be protected from the summer heat.

Prepare – As winter approached again we give your lawn products that help prepare it for the winter.  This also helps your lawn make a quick recovery the following spring.

BUNDLE AND SAVE!  Call for details and pricing.

Existing customers bundle it with your pest control and get 1st serivce for $39 + 20% off each lawn treatment.

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What Our Customers are Saying

“We’ve used other services previously that did not even compare to vinx pest control. They showed up right when they said they would and were thorough with the entire process. We’ve had a problem with spiders and ants and haven’t seen any since they came and sprayed. I would definitely recommend this service.”

Scott L.

“Quick and efficient service. I called and they were within a few hours. Each time I have them out the treatment keeps the bugs away.

Whatever they do they do it well!”

Jeffrey D.

“These guys are the most thorough, careful and personable we’ve ever had come to our house. The technician who came out was extremely polite & professional. He took the time to pinpoint & identify all our issues before he started which inspired a lot of confidence in the company!” 

Randolyn W.

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