Preventive pest control may just be the most important thing you do for your home and family’s safety. Pests can be dangerous, giving you and your loved ones harmful diseases. However, they can also cause significant damage to your home. From termites to spiders, preventive pest control in Dallas especially is a must.

If you’re looking for pest control and prevention in a DIY fashion, we’re here to help you. If you currently have a problem with pests in your home or yard, consider hiring a pest control expert and click here to see pricing. Before we get into our top 20 tips, let’s talk a little bit about why you need preventive pest control and how it will help.

Preventive Pest Control: What it is and why you need it

When it comes to keeping pests out, nothing is better than doing it with preventive pest control. Basically, preventive pest control is using a certain set of methods to stop the bugs from coming into your home. If you can prevent them from coming inside, you won’t need to treat inside your house. This saves you from scrambling away from that corner in the room when you see a spider. It also saves you from the itching and scratching that comes along with mosquito bites.

Here’s why you really need to do preventive pest control inside your home:

  • Keep rodents out of your walls and attics
  • Limit bugs and rodents around your home
  • Keep your family safe from bugs
  • Keep cockroaches and bed bugs out
  • Protect your biggest investment—your home!

Is Monthly Pest Control Necessary?

We get asked a lot, “Is monthly pest control necessary?” As experts in the pest control industry, we feel comfortable telling you that no, you do not need monthly pest control! Anyone who tries to sell you a monthly service is either using too weak of products to last or are overcharging you.

Monthly pest control isn’t needed, but preventive methods to keep bugs out should be done on a daily, weekly, and monthly basis. This is to protect your home, your family, and your yard.

Top 20 Preventive Pest Control Tips

To keep your home and yard pest-free, there are plenty of things you need to do. We have the top 20 tips for preventive pest control that will stop the bugs and rodents in their paths! Here’s what you need to do:

1. Declutter your home and belongings

When your home is cluttered, bugs love it. They hide underneath the clutter where it’s warm and safe. The more cluttered, the better! Make sure that your home is clean and organized. Otherwise, the bugs will come in and find their perfect homes.

2. Inspect your attic

Perhaps one of the most important things you can do is inspect your attic. Rats, squirrels, and mice get into your home through your roof, and many of them take residence in your attic. Inspect your attic for rodent droppings and disturbed insulation. This is a sign of a rodent infestation, and it’s much more common than you think.

3. Inspect your pipes

Pests need food, water, and warmth. Surprisingly, your pipes can provide exactly that. Most pests follow water, and they may use your pipes to get to their new home—which could be right inside your walls.

4. Do your dishes

One pest you definitely want to keep out is the cockroach. Cockroaches love dirty dishes, and even if they are just left there for a day or so, it’s a shining lighthouse to cockroaches. They will come and seek shelter inside your kitchen!

5. Deep clean the kitchen once a month

Did you know your kitchen is one of the dirtiest places in your home? To combat all the germs and bacteria that naturally grow in the kitchen, commit to deep cleaning your kitchen at least once a month. This will keep pests looking for a different place and food source. 

6. Clean your gutters

Gutters are notorious for attracting outdoor pests. When pests are around your home, they are bound to also get inside. If your gutters are filled with leaves, standing water, or anything else, clean them out to keep pests at bay.

7. Store your food in airtight containers

One interesting, but effective, form of preventive pest control is changing how you store your food. When you keep cereals and chips in their bags, it attracts bugs looking for a snack. Cockroaches can easily chew through cardboard, and so can rodents! Store your food in airtight containers they can’t get into.

8. Keep garbage properly stored

It’s also important to keep your garbage properly stored. Between raccoons, rodents, and bugs, if your trash doesn’t have a tight-sealing lid, it’s vulnerable. 

9. Trim your trees and hedges

Pests love your trees and hedges. They also use them to climb up to your roof. Trim your trees and hedges so that they don’t butt up against your home. You want about a four-foot clearance from your home to your landscaping.

10. Clean up trimmings

Once you’ve done the wonderful work of trimming your yard, you need to clean it up! Make sure any trimming, including raked leaves, are cleaned up into bags and thrown into the trash. Otherwise, rodents and bugs will nest in it.

11. Remove firewood from the yard

There’s nothing better than a fire in the winter or a bonfire in the summer, but firewood attracts bugs. It also attracts one of the most dangerous bugs to your home—termites. Don’t store firewood in your yard.

12. Clean your home regularly

While it may seem obvious, make sure to clean your home regularly. Anytime there are clothes on the floor, clutter around the home, or crumbs and dirt strewn about, it can attract pests.

13. Don’t let cars sit idle

Preventive pest control includes taking care of your home and your vehicles. One of rodents’ favorite places to nest is in a car. When a car sits idle, they can get up underneath your hood and cause serious damage.

14. Seal up holes and cracks

Rodents can get through a hole as small as a dime, so even if you don’t see the holes, you may be inviting rats and mice into your home. It’s important to seal up holes and cracks in your home with rodent-proof materials, like copper wire or metal flashing.

15. Seal up vents

Sealing up holes and cracks sometimes may not be enough. You also need to seal up your vents with a safe wire that will keep rodents and pests out.

16. Check for standing water

For your yard, preventive pest control includes getting rid of standing water. If your yard has a draining problem, you will always be attracting pests. Make sure that your yard drains properly so there isn’t any standing water.

17. Swap outdoor lighting

Swapping your outdoor lighting to warm LEDs may help keep bugs away at night. They don’t like these lights, and bugs will flock to other areas with lighting that they do enjoy—preferably to that neighbor that’s been annoying you.

18. Check your chimney caps

If you have a chimney, make sure that you also have a chimney cap. Weather and age can damage chimney caps, so make sure yours is doing its job. Otherwise, many female rodents will use that warm area to nest in.

19. Store pet food correctly

If you have a dog or a cat, make sure you’re storing their food correctly. You want to make sure that it is sealed at all times. Rodents and other animals aren’t picky, and the most important preventive pest control you can do with your pet food is sealing it in an airtight container.

20. Get an inspection

Last, but arguably the most important, get a preventive pest control inspection. Your home could be damaged by pest infestations, and it can be hard to know they’re in your home until it’s too late. Call a reputable pest control and prevention specialist so that they can take care of the problem for you.

Conclusion: Preventive pest control

As important as preventive pest control in Dallas is, it’s even more important to ensure that these bugs aren’t sticking around. Even the best prevention methods fail at times, so you’ll need to have preventive quarterly treatments to ensure infestations aren’t occurring. 

Remember, keep your home and yard clean, seal up any food, and seal up the cracks and holes around your home. This is one of the best things you can do. If these preventive pest control methods aren’t working, give Vinx Pest Control a call. We have certified technicians that know everything there is to know about pests. Believe us, we’ll get the job done! We even offer a money-back guarantee—so you have nothing to lose. Give us a call at 972-855-8469 or fill out the form for a free quote today! We serve the entire Dallas – Fort Worth area, all the way from McKinney to Grand Prairie.

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