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Pest Control Services Garland TX 

Garland TX is a beautiful city in the Dallas metroplex, but it’s also a wonderful place for bugs to thrive. They love the humidity, heat, and the beautiful trees and bushes in your yard! Because of this, there are plenty of pests around just begging to come inside your home. Just like you, they want to escape the heat and come inside to the cool AC. This is why you need pest control in Garland TX. If you’re in need of pest control, click here to get a free quote

But, we’re not going to let that happen! We don’t like bugs, which is why we’re in the business of banishing them from your home or workplace. Whether you have a home or business in Garland, we’re equipped to help you stop your bug problems in their tracks. 

The Best in Garland Pest Control

Pest control in Garland TX doesn’t need to be complicated. You can go to the store and buy 10 different products in the hopes that they will work or you can go with a guaranteed and proven service to get rid of bugs fast.

Our pest control service in Garland TX will treat everything that you see and more. Many people have issues with black widows, brown recluse spiders, and tarantulas. Because you’re near a lake, there are also ants, ticks, roaches, and bed bugs! Plus, don’t forget about the dreaded wasps and termites. If you’ve seen any of these bugs, we want to help you with our pest control services in Garland.

But our Garland services aren’t just limited to insects. We also provide pest control services such as animal control, rodent control, mice extermination, rat extermination, and squirrel removal

A Year-Round Problem

The pests in Garland are really a year-round problem. Unfortunately, they do not disappear when the colder months come around. While it may seem that these bugs go away during the winter, that couldn’t be further from the truth. In fact, many bugs will nest inside of your home if you are not doing a preventive service.

We use a five-point service that takes care of the bugs and inspects for any issues on a quarterly basis. In Texas, it’s nearly impossible to go throughout the year without quarterly treatments. When you let your pest control service in Garland relapse, you are inviting bugs back into your private quarters and asking for an infestation.

Because many pests in Texas can carry harmful diseases, it’s important for your family’s safety that you use a pest control service in Garland. Whether you’re dealing with ticks that carry Lyme disease or mosquitoes that carry West Nile virus, your family is at risk. We have regular preventive treatments, tick control treatments, and mosquito control treatments. We also have a termite prevention service that ensures your house is safe from termite damage!

Mice Exterminator

No one wants to hear that they have mice in their home, but it’s something that happens frequently in Dallas county homes. Unfortunately, they love your home! The key to getting rid of mice is prevention. But, if you’re currently struggling with mice, Vinx is here to help you get rid of them and start a prevention program. We are a premier mice exterminator company that has a full-service. We trap, bait, poison, clean up, and prevent mice from coming back.

Rat Removal

Have you heard the telltale scurry of little feet in your home? If it’s not your toddlers waking up and storming into your room, it’s probably rats. Rats can destroy your walls, wiring, and roof. They love to chew through your home and can cause serious damage. If you’re looking for rat removal, we’re here to help. We know how frustrating and hard it is to get rid of rats, which is why we’re going to do it for you! Vinx offers a full-service rat removal and guarantee. To prevent damage from your home and get rid of the rats, give us a call.

Animal Control

When it comes to animal control, we are always willing to help with what we can. Whether you’re dealing with snakes or squirrels, we can give you a quote and talk to you about the best options for your home and family. Animal control can include many species that are invasive or annoying, so give us a call today and tell us what you’re dealing with!

If it’s not something we can help with, like raccoons, we’ll happily refer you to your city animal control. However, we can help with most animals! Stop dealing with animals and pests that enter into your home. Give Vinx, the animal control specialists, a call.

Satisfaction Guaranteed

Here at Vinx, we offer a satisfaction guarantee. Yep, you read that right. No one likes being left unsatisfied, which is why we want to guarantee your satisfaction. We know how important your money is, and we want to make sure we’re using it wisely! We’ll get rid of your bugs, and if you happen to see any bugs in between your quarterly services, we’ll come back out and treat again. Pest control service in Garland TX can take a little while to become effective if you haven’t been using a quarterly treatment service, but we’re happy to take over and get rid of the bugs for you.

When it comes to quality, we hire the top technicians in the area. They are knowledgeable about the bugs and rodents in the area, and will always talk to you about what treatment you may need. We like quality as much as the next guy, which is why we are dedicated to creating a high-quality and comprehensive team that knows what they are doing. Give us a call or fill out the form for a free quote on our pest control service in Garland TX.

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