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Pest Control Highland Park Services

Regardless of its wealth and prestige, Highland Park still must deal with plenty of household pests like all the surrounding cities. Residents are likely to face a constant barrage of ants, spiders, roaches, mosquitos, and the like at their home or business. Unfortunate homeowners may even have to deal with the more difficult and expensive problems of bed bugs, termites, or rodents. If you need pest control in Highland Park, you’ve come to the right place. 

The hot, humid Texas summers are the perfect breeding grounds for insects of all kinds, and as the saying says, “everything is bigger in Texas”… even pests. Bugs aren’t the only pests to worry about. Rodents like rats and mice are also itching to get into your home.

Before you get discouraged and leave the South for a home with fewer bugs and creepy-crawlies, consider hiring a top-notch pest control company to save you worry, time, and money. Click here for a free and accurate price quote.

The Best Products, Technicians, and Guarantee in Highland Park

We’re the answer to all your pest problems. If you live in Highland Park or the surrounding areas, we want to take care of you and your family by getting rid of your pesky pests. At Vinx, we pride ourselves on using only the best quality products, hiring the best and most experienced technicians, and offering our customers the best guarantee in the industry.

If you start seeing pests between your regularly scheduled treatments, give us a call and we will hurry back to make it right at no cost to you. If we have to return more than twice, we will give you your money back. You can feel confident knowing that Vinx is keeping your home and property safe and pest-free. Give us a call today to start experiencing the Vinx difference.

Bee Control Highland Park

Bees can be a big problem in Highland Park if they’re not taken care of. That’s why we offer bee control and extermination at your home or business. Whether you’re seeing bees in or outside your home or you’re seeing a honeycomb on your property, our exterminators are highly-skilled at removing bees. 

Bees can create a lot of problems when you try to get rid of them. So, don’t be a hero. Contact us and we’ll send one of our bee control experts to your Highland Park home or business. 

Highland Park Mosquito Yard Treatment

If you’ve got a mosquito problem, we can solve it. While we can’t get rid of all the mosquitoes or stop them from coming back, we can reduce your mosquitoes by 80-90%! To do this, we spray the parts of your yard where they live and breed. These are typically shaded areas with lots of trees or bushes. 

If you’ve got mosquito problems, yard treatment will make it all better. You won’t have to deal with itchy and annoying bites all over your body at your home anymore. Contact us for a quote today. 

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