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Flea Exterminator in Charleston, SC

There’s nothing worse than coming home and seeing the tale-tell scratch of your favorite pet. That’s when you know they’ve picked up fleas and it’s time to call a flea exterminator. Even if you put regular flea treatments on your pet, or if you give them flea medication, that isn’t always fool-proof. There are many times where fleas still end up in your home, and if not handled quickly, you could end up with a major infestation. Our flea exterminators can cut down on the fleas, ending the infestation before it starts. 

What is flea pest control?

If you have fleas in your home or your yard, you’ll need a flea pest control treatment to get rid of them. Thanks to the humid climate of Charleston and the surrounding areas, like North Charleston and Mt. Pleasant, fleas run rampant. They can come from walking your dog in your neighborhood or taking them out to the beach. Fleas can live anywhere, and they spread very easily. Our flea exterminator in Charleston, SC will work with the preventive methods you practice as a homeowner.

What can you do to cut down on fleas?

Though bad cases of fleas will need a flea pest control treatment, some things you can do to cut down on fleas are:

  • Regularly treat your animals for fleas
  • Keep your home clean and clutter-free
  • Use flea prevention for all animals in the home
  • Vacuum weekly or more often
  • Get a flea pest control treatment

Hire the best flea exterminator in Charleston, SC

At Vinx Pest Control, we take flea extermination seriously! We know the stress that comes along with an itchy pet, and you want to keep you and your family safe from flea bites. We have the best flea exterminator in Charleston, North Charleston, and beyond. Our office is located just off Mark Clark Expy and U.S. 78, making it easy to access many nearby cities quickly. When you work with us, you’re backed by a satisfaction guarantee. We’ll keep working until the problem is solved! Give us a call or fill out our pricing form for a free quote today.

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