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6 Signs Of Termite Activity Around Your Home

6 Signs Of Termite Activity Around Your Home

Rising temperatures, moisture levels, light intensity, wind, and air pressure are all elements that lead to the advent of termites. Although many sections of the country will experience termite swarms in the spring, termites will also swarm in the fall in areas where temperatures remain favorable. Termites are adept at hiding in plain sight, so you may not be aware of an infestation until it is too late.

If you discover an infestation early on – or evidence that one is brewing – you can have your local pest control Dallas TX, evaluate your property. Here are six warning indications that you may have a termite infestation.

1. Frass

Termite droppings, also known as frass, are a sure symptom of a termite infestation. Termites discharge their droppings as they build tunnels and devour the wood they infest, resulting in pellet mounds. The majority of frass is relatively small, about one millimeter long, and can resemble sawdust or wood shavings. These pellets can be found anywhere there is wood in the house, including attics. If you notice termite droppings in your home, contact a professional to have a termite inspection performed.

2.Wings Were Discarded

This is frequently the initial and only indication of a termite infestation. When a termite colony matures, the winged termites leave the nest to establish a new colony. Termites shed their wings when they are no longer required. The presence of termites is indicated by the presence of piles of wings. Because termites are drawn to light, you will most likely see wings on basement window sills or cobwebs/spider webs. If you find wings inside your home, call a professional right away.

3.Environmental Concerns 

Termite-damaged trees might be harmful if they fall on your house or on your property. This could also indicate that termites are on their way to your home. Look for little holes and wood shavings where termites have entered the tree to see if you have termites. The greatest spot to look for termites is near the tree’s base. Dig around the roots just below the soil line with a tiny shovel. At the foot of the tree, you may also find abandoned wings or the bodies of dead termites.

4.Tight-Fitting Doors or Windows 

As subterranean termites consume wood, their excrement, or “mud,” forms a protective environment that traps heat and moisture. This causes the timber to swell, making it difficult to open or close a window or door.

5.Hollowed-Out Wood or Exterior Wood Damage

Exterior wood damage or hollowed-out wood Because termites consume wood from the inside out, wood that sounds hollow when tapped frequently indicates a termite infestation. Homeowners can also search for blistered wood.

6.Uneven or Bubbling Paint 

Uneven or bubbling paint is frequently a symptom of moisture buildup, which could indicate either water damage or termites.

Professional Termite Inspection

Vinx Pest Control is a specialist in detecting termite indicators around your home and has several sorts of equipment to identify them even when there are no visual signs. Moisture sensors, heat sensors, and sound sensors are examples of these. Contact us now!