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Are Crickets Harmful Insects?

Are Crickets Harmful Insects?

People don’t think that crickets are harmful or dangerous. These noisy bugs are mostly a nuisance, especially if they keep you up at night with their singing. Depending on your point of view, this chirping sound could be pleasant or annoying. But what’s more important is that you might wonder if crickets are dangerous or harmful. 

Even though there is no proof that they hurt people’s health, the fact that their numbers are growing can be frustrating. Crickets like to chew on fabrics, leftover food, plants, paper, and other things. We know from years of experience getting rid of crickets that most people think these bugs are harmless. However, you may be surprised by how much trouble crickets may create.

Risk To Human Health From Crickets

Even though crickets have mandibles, they have a hard time breaking the skin. Hence they don’t typically attack humans. However, the main risk from crickets is not their bite but the parasites and illnesses they carry, such as Escherichia Coli and Salmonella. Worms in cricket poop can create itchy, unpleasant rashes and blisters on those who come into touch with them. And just like the flu, these bugs may make you sick.

Advice: Insects can pose serious health risks. Therefore, it is important to eliminate them as quickly as possible. Observe standard practices of cleanliness and safety at all times.

Crickets Might Cause Damage To Properties

Once inside, crickets will eat just about everything they can get their legs on. Their damage to plants, paper, leather, wood, glue, and other materials is often undetected. Having an infestation of crickets in your home almost guarantees that you will find ripped clothing, uneven wallpaper, and other damaged household objects.

Advice: Keep your home clear of debris, fix any leaks you find, and use dehumidifiers to get rid of excess moisture.

Other Forms Of Cricket-Related Damage

Certain crickets produce loud noises. The disruption of sleep by these sounds may not be physically damaging, but it can have other negative consequences. Eight or nine months of this might lead to sleep deprivation severe enough to impair our ability to work safely. And whether you drive a truck or operate other machinery that requires alert concentration, being sleep deprived is a serious safety risk that you should not ignore.

Advice: Although do-it-yourself methods are excellent, they cannot match a professional pest control service. Contacting us will help eliminate crickets entirely and quickly. 

Some species of cricket resemble spiders, while others mimic grasshoppers in their jumping ability. It might be harmful if you have a heart condition to encounter one of these crickets in your basement, especially if you are easily frightened by insects leaping off the wall in your direction or if you have arachnophobia.


The easiest approach to protect you and your home from crickets and minimize their population is to contact us, Vinx Pest Control. Let us inspect it and treat your problem. Don’t stand a chance to hear crickets at midnight. Sleep better, and rest assured, knowing your family is safe.