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Can An Exterminator Get Rid Of Wasps

February 11, 2023 Jessica Carpenter Pest control
Can An Exterminator Get Rid Of Wasps

Various types of wasps are likely to be encountered during the summer. A few bees or wasps in your yard may not cause much concern, but the number of these insects might increase to the point where they become annoying. If you discover a wasp nest near your residence or place of business, you will need the assistance of exterminators for the wasp control. Here’s how they can help you with wasp removal and control:

Property Inspection

Exterminators will inspect your property to determine the number of wasps and their habitat. They will also check if any wasps’ nests need to be removed from your property. This will help them develop a plan for the extermination process. The exterminators will identify and destroy the wasp nest if it is in an area where humans or pets can easily access it. If possible, they will relocate the nest away from areas where people pass through frequently.

Professional Wasp Removal and Control

Even if you do not have a sting allergy, the risk of being stung by one or more wasps should not be underestimated. It is advisable to leave wasp removal to the pros and to call if you detect an invasion on your property. After identifying the insect, the first stage in professional wasp eradication is to take safety precautions. 

Because of the risk of stinging and the territorial nature of these insects, technicians must wear protective gear when treating a wasp’s nest. Pest control professionals treat the nest with sprays or other things to eradicate the wasps. Finally, the nest is removed from the premises to prevent future infestations in the nest.

How Does Pest Control Kill Wasps?

Pest control services can eradicate a wasp nest by spraying it with an aerosol, dusting it, or applying the liquid directly to the insects. This ensures complete extermination and prevents future infestation of the area where they are used.

Residual Liquid Insecticides

Residual liquid insecticide is a type of insecticide that will dilute with water before application. It will be sprayed around areas where wasps are likely to construct nests. It decreases the likelihood of future wasp infestations—also, many liquid residual insecticides are used for various household pets.

Insecticide Dust

In void areas, insecticide dust kills emerging wasps for at least six months. Additionally, insecticide dust prevents wasps from returning in the future or the following season.


A variety of aerosols can quickly kill wasps. An exterminator may use wasp-specific aerosols to destroy and eliminate wasp nests. They should be sprayed from a distance of 15 to 20 feet away. If you have aerosol sprays in your home, keep them out of reach of children.

What’s Next?

The presence of a wasp nest on your property is indicative of a more significant pest infestation. Vinx Pest Control employs the most qualified exterminators to eradicate all types of wasps from your home or business. Our exterminator will visit you and inspect the wasp nest to develop a customized treatment plan based on the nest’s species, location, and size. Call today to schedule an appointment!