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How To Eliminate Rodent From Your Home

August 10, 2022 Jessica Carpenter Rodents
How To Eliminate Rodent From Your Home

Rodents often enter houses searching for a more favorable climate, food, or shelter. They may quickly multiply and transmit harmful bacteria and viruses. They may chew through cables, books, toys, and open cabinets and contaminate food by nibbling on plastic bags and containers. Rats poop and pee carry germs and viruses, so cleaning up after them is essential.

If you’re dealing with any rodent infestation or want to know how to avoid one, keep reading!

Install Humane Traps

Rodents can be safely released after being caught in humane traps. Set traps in the rooms where mice are most likely to appear and inspect them first thing in the morning. It is at night that mice most actively search for food. Peanut butter is the most commonly used bait for mouse traps, although other options include chocolate, cheese, bird seed, and nuts. Any mice you catch should be released at least a mile from your house, ideally in a deserted location. 

Take Away The Food Supply

Rodents seek heat and a reliable food source throughout the winter months. Keep your kitchen clean and put food in airtight containers to prevent rodents from getting into your pantry or cupboards. The same applies to pet food: leaving a bowl out for your cat or dog all day will attract rats.

Establish A No-Scavenging Zone

Trash cans are a magnet for rodents, insects, and other pests. For a garbage can that mice won’t be able to get into, look for one with a tight cover or one that can be secured with rubber cords. Metal containers are ideal. To keep rodents at home, it is crucial to frequently empty and clean trash cans.

Get A Cat Companion

A cat can do more than just pose for cute Instagram photos. It can also help keep mice away. Most rodents will avoid your home if they detect the scent of a cat. Of course, some cats have an innate talent for “mousers,” which means they hunt and kill mice whenever they come across them.

Utilize Essential Oils

The peppermint and clove oil have a strong odor that deters mice. Place cotton balls soaked in oils in places mice are known to gather, such as drawers, cabinets, and entryways. Other approaches will be more effective than the scent alone, but they can help.

Make Sure Your Garden Is Always Tidy

The most excellent strategy to prevent rats from setting up shelter on your property is to maintain the grass and yard neat. Regular lawn maintenance includes:

  • Removing wood or leaf heaps.
  • Locking up storage sheds.
  • Repairing cracks in the outer walls.
  • Keeping trash cans inside.
  • pick up any dropped garden produce, pet or bird treats, and garbage.

Save yourself from all the hassle and end your rodent infestation by calling Vinx Pest Control! Our services work well within the home. Our service also includes controlling rat populations in and outside the neighborhood. 

Get in touch with us immediately if you want to know more about the steps we can take to ensure that rats never again invade your house. Keep your loved ones and your home secure, and reclaim your space once and for all!