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Got bugs or rodents in your Rockwall home or business and want them gone?

Do you want to put your pests on notice that their Rockwall stay is over?

It’s hard to feel comfortable in your Rockwall home or office if you know you’re sharing it with unwanted guests. Many Rockwall home and business owners try to manage pest removal on their own, but do it yourself fixes often only address the symptoms without getting to the true root of the problem, meaning those pesky critters just keep coming back for more!

That’s where Vinx Pest Control comes in. We proudly offer our professional pest control services to the people who make Rockwall the center of their home or business. Our comprehensive home and yard assessments give you the confidence that your Rockwall residence or office can be free from such nuisance insects and rodents as rats, mice, cockroaches, termites, ants, spiders, and more. We offer eco-friendly treatment plans to ensure your pets and family members remain safe from harmful chemicals. A company with great pride in providing services to help preserve the environment, Vinx Pest Control takes care of all of your pest management needs with environmentally friendly solutions to even the worst bug and rodent problems!

When you hire Vinx Pest Control to manage your Rockwall pest problems, you gain access to:

  • Experienced, professional pest control experts
  • Phone support from our friendly, knowledgeable receptionists
  • Online reviews which support our reputation for excellence
  • Exceptional service backed by our money back guarantee
  • A committed team providing comprehensive, eco-friendly pest control services
  • Budget-friendly pricing that you can afford!
  • Rapid response times each time you call

Looking for a local expert to help you with your East Dallas pest problems?

Nobody likes having to share their East Dallas home, office, or yard with a pest. With the power to turn your happy little home into a virtual nightmare, it’s important to put pests in their place as soon as they are detected. Pest problems can often crop up when you least expect them, leaving you feeling overwhelmed and unprepared.

But unwanted guests don’t have to get the best of you. When pests come knocking on the door of your East Dallas residence or business, Vinx Pest Control will send them on their way. We specialize in eradicating even the nastiest bugs and rodents from your home, office, or yard in as little as one treatment. Our eco-friendly treatment plans benefit your family and pets as well as the environment. The Vinx Pest Control focus is on proactive pest management solutions with an emphasis on best practices for green pest removal.  

Hiring Vinx Pest Control to handle all of your pest removal problems entitles you to:

  • Trained, professional technicians who live, work, and play in East Dallas
  • Eco-friendly solutions to pest problems
  • Caring office staff ready to take your call
  • Excellent customer service
  • Satisfaction guaranteed or your money back
  • Pet safe pest treatments to protect your loved ones

Rockwall termite troubles got you down?

If you’ve got termites in your Rockwall home or business, you’re not alone! With a warm, moist climate to its credit, people aren’t the only ones who love to come to Rockwall. Termites find Rockwall’s weather conditions quite sublime, and they will take up residence in your Rockwall property with pleasure if given opportunity to do so. That’s why Vinx Pest Control recommends proactive termite treatment plans. The best way to limit termite damage is to send them packing before they hit the front door!

Since termites are insidious creatures, you may discover you have a termite infestation after they’ve already begun their work. Termites work at a stealthy pace, wreaking their worst destruction while home and business owners are entirely unaware of their presence. But you can stop your home from falling victim to further termite damage with the help of the professionals at Vinx Pest Control! Our eco-friendly termite treatment solutions are guaranteed to rid your home of even the worst termite colonies, saving your Rockwall residence from dangerous structural damage.

Why do mosquitoes thrive in Rockwall?

Like the vast majority of the state of Texas, Rockwall enjoys weather that is humid and subtropical. Since mosquitoes favor regions that are hot and moisture-filled, Rockwall is the ideal breeding ground for this pesky, stinging insect. But mosquitoes are far more than just a nuisance. Capable of carrying life-altering diseases which affect both people and pets, mosquito control is an absolute must for residents and business owners of Rockwall as a matter of health and safety. Unfortunately, mosquitoes multiply rapidly, making it seem like an impossible task to manage a mosquito infestation in your Rockwall yard or garden on your own.

Vinx Pest Control offers holistic mosquito control and treatment plans to reduce your current mosquito population by up to 80 percent. Our approach to mosquito control is two-pronged: eliminate breeding sites to reduce opportunity for reproduction and fog all other areas with our eco-friendly mosquito treatments to maintain control. But Vinx Pest Control doesn’t just offer you a onetime treatment to managing your mosquito problems. We are proud to provide ongoing monitoring and maintenance to ensure that your Rockwall property does not become mosquito-ridden again.


If pesky critters have taken up residence in your Rockwell house or garden, let Vinx Pest Control send them an eviction notice!

Vinx Pest Control is Rockwall’s leading pest management specialist team. We proudly serve the following zip codes: 75032 and 75087.

Outside these zip codes and wonder if we’ll provide service to you? Contact our friendly office staff now at (972) 855-8469 or to schedule your appointment.

All of the pest control you need for a pest-free lifestyle can be yours with Vinx Pest Control!

A city nestled in one of the wealthiest Rockwall County suburbs, Rockwall is a place people love to call home. One of the more prominent cities in the Dallas-Fort Worth Metroplex crown, Rockwall takes its name from a feature of great geological significance which resulted in a natural artificial wall. Situated only 22 miles from Dallas, Rockwall offers its residents the opportunity to enjoy the benefits of metropolitan life while still retaining that relaxed country feel.

Rockwall might be geographically small, but it is big on providing a luxurious lifestyle to those who live and work in the region. Enjoying a 3.9 percent unemployment rate which is significantly lower than the country’s average, Rockwall has experienced a job growth rate of 3.1 percent in 2018 and is well on target to realize a projected increase in jobs of 42.2 percent in the next few years. At present, the main industries in Rockwall are health care, social assistance, retail, manufacturing, and education. With such job diversity to its credit, Rockwall residents are favored with secure employment options.

But Rockwall is a place that is also big on culture. Many people love to stop by this charming city to experience some of the finest dining and shopping the state has to offer. Chock full of boutique breweries, wineries, and a delightful, old-fashioned Main Street reminiscent of days of old, a visit to Rockwall is like stepping back to a time when people made a concerted effort to stop and smell the roses. Among some of Rockwall’s most popular attractions are its craft brewery known as the Woodcreek Brewing Company and the San Martino Vineyards.

With so many wonderful amenities to boast of, there is no question that Rockwall is a great place to lay down roots. But it’s not just people who feel this way about this quaint town. Ants, wasps, rats, mice, cockroaches, water bugs, spiders, mosquitoes, termites, and more agree that when it comes to a place to work and live, it’s hard to beat Rockwall! While some people may come to Rockwall for a vacation, pests like to come to stay. If you’ve got a pest problem in your Rockwall home or business and you wish you didn’t, Vinx Pest Control can make those pesky critters go away!

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