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Summerville SC Pest Control

Summerville, SC is a beautiful town located mostly in Dorchester County with small sections in Charleston and Berkeley counties as well. Located only 35 miles from the beach, Summerville is a great place to live or stop by for a relaxing getaway. 

While Summerville is loved for its warm, inviting weather, unfortunately, several different kinds of insects are drawn to the heat as well. Pool parties, family barbecues, and kids simply playing in the yard can all be ruined when unwanted pests show up and make themselves at home.

We offer virtually every pest control treatment and service you need including the following:

Summerville Tick Control / Tick Yard Treatment 

Ticks don’t typically present much of a threat to your home or yard but are dreaded and feared for several other reasons. Ticks feed on humans and pets before returning to their nests or shelters, spreading serious diseases such as Lyme disease and other infections. When left untreated, Lyme disease can cause severe damage to the heart and nervous system. That’s why it’s very important you get Summerville tick control and yard treatment.

Our service technicians use their experience and training to come up with a specific plan for your property. This comprehensive plan will include a thorough inspection of both the inside and outside of your home, habitat modifications targeting areas frequented by humans and pets, chemical applications, and a follow-up inspection. 

Bug Control in Summerville SC

Bugs and insects of all kinds seem to be relentless in South Carolina. Just as soon as you get control over your ant problem, you discover an infestation of palmetto bugs or even worse…bed bugs. It can be daunting to sift through the sea of pest control companies in your area. Who can you trust to get the job done and do it at an affordable price? Our trained and licensed professionals work hard to create a pest-free environment so you and your family can feel protected. We use environmentally friendly methods of only the highest quality. 

Once you spot any signs of bug infestations, it’s important you take action immediately. For example, left untreated, termites do more damage to homes in American than both fires and floods combined. If you’re located

anywhere in the tri-county area, we will research the best pest solution for you and do our very best to eliminate the problem. Life is too short to miss out on quality time with family and friends because unwanted bugs have become such a large problem. 

Mosquito Yard Treatment in Summerville

One of the services many of our clients in Summerville need is mosquito control and yard treatment. Due to the fact that mosquitoes fly, we can’t completely prevent them from being in your yard and we can’t prevent them from coming back. However, we can decrease how many of them there are by as much as 80%.

By spraying the areas where they tend to live and reproduce, such as shaded areas and bushes, we can exterminate the majority of the mosquitoes at your home. Getting Summerville mosquito control will make your summers so much more enjoyable because you won’t have to constantly be swatting them away. You and your family also won’t get so many mosquito bites. That’s something that benefits everyone. Well, except the mosquitoes.

Best Bug Extermination Summerville, SC 

Some bugs are easier to spot in your home than others. For example, ants are easily spotted in kitchens and pantries while bed bugs remain hidden in the cracks and crevices of furniture. Either way, no one likes sharing their home with insects or pests of any kind. This is why we try to provide you with the best bug extermination in Summerville, SC. 

Homeowners often try to rid their homes of pesky insects on their own. While this occasionally works, a true infestation can be eliminated completely and most effectively by pest control professionals. If you are able to completely eliminate a bed bug infestation, it’s very difficult for the average person to prevent them from returning. All that hard work goes right down the drain. However, we can use certain methods and chemicals that make our bed bug control some of the best around. 

Summerville Termite Treatment 

Termites cause an insane amount of damage to properties each year. Just like with most other insects, termites activity increases during the summer months, especially when moisture and humidity are at their highest. Both subterranean and dry wood termites are known to damage homes in South Carolina. Termites typically swarm on a ward day after a heavy rainfall or storm. Due to the heat and humidity, South Carolina is considered a location to be very high for the potential of termite damage to occur. If you own a home in the Summerville, SC area, it’s a wise idea to contact a trusted pest control company to discuss methods to prevent and protect your property from termite damage. 

Our experienced termite control professionals will thoroughly inspect your property, look for signs of termites and termite damage, and will assess the best solution that fits your needs. But most importantly, we’ll eliminate your termite infestation so you know your most valuable investment is safe and protected.

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