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Wake up with some small bites? Scared there may be bed bugs at your home or office? There’s nothing more worrisome, but thankfully, Vinx is a professional bed bug exterminator company in Charleston SC that provides bed bug treatment and bed bug removal throughout the area. Many people think that they can get rid of bed bugs alone, but these pesky pests are some of the hardest to get rid of! As soon as you find bed bugs in your home, you’ll need to call a bed bug exterminator in Charleston so that you and your family stay safe. 

What are bed bugs?

Bed bugs are parasitic bugs that feed off of your blood. They are extremely small and are most active at night. You can find them in soft bedding, pillows, couches, and carpet. These bugs are very hard to kill and you’ll need a bed bug heat treatment to get rid of both the adults and eggs.

Who can exterminate bed bugs in Charleston, SC?

When it comes to bed bug control in Charleston, SC, you’ll need an expert. That’s why we have bed bug specialists to ensure that we can get someone out to your home ASAP to handle the issue. Bed bugs are not a pest that can be handled without a professional exterminator because only bed bug heat treatments will help.

Look for a professional pest control company that specializes in:

  • Identifying bed bugs
  • Using bed bug heat treatments
  • Using additional products to help kill eggs and adults

We have a great reputation as bed bug exterminators in Charleston SC as evidenced by our stellar reviews. We know the right treatments to use and which ones to avoid. 

Trust Vinx to with your bed bug removal in Charleston, SC

Whether you live right off of King Street or clear over off of 526, Vinx Pest Control is here to help. We do bed bug treatment in all areas in Charleston, North Charleston, and beyond, so if you need bed bug removal, you can trust us. Our service is always backed by our satisfaction guarantee. Your bed bug infestation will likely need multiple treatments or follow up treatments, and you can get a free quote by calling us or filling out our form today!

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