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When you walk outside your home in Dallas or Fort Worth, the last thing you want to see is a big, fat roach. Whether you’re going to a Cowboys game or Six Flags in Dallas, you want to go out and have a good time. But, that’s pretty difficult to do if you run into a cockroach on your way out. No one wants to see roaches in their home! Cockroaches are dirty, leave you feeling icky, and can even cause you to become ill.

If you’re looking for a roach exterminator near you, we’re the ones to call. You can click here to see our roach exterminator pricing. We’re open 8 am – 8 pm and ready to serve you. 

Whether you’re checking out the new Texas Rangers’ stadium or a heading to a Mavericks’ game, you don’t want your day ruined by a cockroach. A roach exterminator can ensure that you don’t see any of these creepy crawlies around your home. The problem is that Texas and South Carolina are a cockroach’s paradise. Between the beautiful weather and humidity, cockroaches truly love your home. Unfortunately, you don’t love them. That’s where roach control comes into play.

American vs German Cockroaches

One of the most important things to determine is what cockroach you’re dealing with. German vs American cockroaches infestations have many differences to help you figure out which pest you’re dealing with:

  • Location: Are they in your kitchen? Bathroom? Maybe they’re in your crawl space or in your drains? Finding them in the garage? The pantry? German cockroaches love your kitchens and bathrooms. Americans much prefer the darker corners of crawl spaces and drains.
  • How often you see them: If you’re dealing with multiple infestations, it’s likely that you’re seeing German cockroaches. They are much harder to get rid of, and many times, you have to try multiple treatments to see any differences.
  • Look: German cockroaches are much darker than American cockroaches. They are tan and have parallel lines on their bodies. However, American cockroaches are brown with yellow near their heads.
  • Size: American cockroaches are big—really big! They can grow to up to two inches long, so if the cockroaches are this size, you’re likely dealing with American. German cockroaches are usually smaller, about half an inch.

Cockroach Control

Cockroaches are extremely hard to deal with, which is why we’re here to help. As soon as you see a cockroach, call a cockroach exterminator. Otherwise, you could deal with an infestation. Cockroaches need to be controlled as soon as you see them. 

Here at Vinx, we use high-quality products that work. First, we come into your home and do an inspection. Because there are multiple types of cockroaches, it’s important to determine what we’re dealing with. Some cockroaches, like American, can often be dealt with in a quick manner so that you can go right back to your daily life. Other cockroaches, like German, are much harder to deal with. These often take multiple treatments for them to be completely gone.

Roach Exterminator in Dallas 

If you live in the Dallas or Fort Worth areas, you can’t go without cockroach control. In Texas, we cover everywhere from McKinney to Allen to Denton, we perform home and commercial. There are so many cockroaches in every neighborhood, so if you aren’t actively driving them away, they’ll come crawling right in. Our roach exterminator in Dallas is a local exterminator who knows what needs to be done to get rid of any roaches you’re dealing with.

We believe that your time is money, and so is ours. We trust our exterminators and products, which is why we guarantee your service. If you’re still dealing with pests after following our recommended treatment plan, we’ll come back out and make it right until you’re no longer having the problem. Give us a call at 972-855-8469 or fill out our form for a free quote today! To make things even better, at Vinx Pest Control we offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee on all our services. If you’re not happy with our work, we’ll come back and do it again!

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