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North Charleston, SC Animal Control

If you’re looking for Charleston animal control, Vinx is the company to call! Animal control is useful to those dealing with squirrels, raccoons, rats, mice, and more. If your home or business is overrun with animals, that’s the last thing you need. You want a safe and comfortable place for you, your family, and employees. When animals get into your property, they can cause some serious damage. 

Many animals can carry serious diseases, which is why people search for North Charleston animal control. Not only can they carry diseases, but they chew through the walls in your home, mess with insulation, and cause irreparable damage. When you invest so much money into your property, it’s important to keep it pest-free. Animal removal is important, and if it’s not done properly, then the animals stay inside your walls, creating lingering smells.

If you’re having problems with animals in the home, give Vinx a call. We’re the best Charleston animal control company, and we’re experienced in dealing with all types of pests.

What does Charleston animal control cover?

No matter what part of Charleston you’re in, our animal control covers rats, mice, squirrels, and more. Anything we can’t cover, we’ll handle by putting you in contact with the city animal control unit. Most often, those looking for North Charleston animal control need help with squirrels and rodents. We come at these animals with multiple approaches, like:

  • Rodent Exclusion: Our rodent exclusion in Charleston covers holes and entrances in the property. Rodents can get through holes as small as a dime, and they’ll cause serious damage. We patch up all the holes so they can’t get through.
  • Bait and Trap: We also bait and trap for animal removal. We have professional-grade bait and traps that we place in areas that children and pets cannot get to. This way, we get rid of the rodents without hurting your family.
  • Prevention: Our exterminators are also experts in preventing rodents. We’ll go over a plan with you to clean up hot spots, like brush or plants near your home, so that you know what needs to be done to keep these animals at bay.

The best animal control in Charleston

If you need animal control in Charleston, North Charleston, West Ashley, James Island, or the surrounding areas, call Vinx today! As an experienced Charleston pest control company, we know just what needs to happen to make sure you don’t have to deal with animals. Whether it’s rodents or raccoons, we’re here to help.

What Makes Our Animal Control Experts the Best?

Whether it’s a bat in your attic or a squirrel in your chimney, you can’t do the job alone. You need someone who can identify and trap the unwanted animal and do so safely. That’s where our team comes in.

Why choose us? Here are five reasons:

A Humane Approach

Our team is committed to a humane approach to animal control. We recognize that your problem may be with raccoons, squirrels, birds, or other pests, but we know these animals are just trying to survive. We use trapping techniques that work and don’t harm the animals.

Quality Customer Service

We work hard to ensure that our Charleston customers are happy with our service. We offer our clients a complete satisfaction guarantee because we are confident in our methods and will always strive to make sure you are happy with the results of our work.

Total Elimination of the Problem

Our goal is a complete elimination of your pest problem. We have been doing this for years, so we know how to eliminate all unwanted pests, from raccoons in your attic to squirrels under your porch. If you decide on an exclusion, we will ensure that no more animals can ever enter again. We also clean up any mess that the pests have left behind, so there will be no evidence they were ever there when we are done.

Affordable Rates

We offer competitive rates for our animal control services. We know that having the job done right is essential to keeping your home or business safe and free of pests, so we work hard to keep our prices affordable. Our rates are competitive with other companies in the area that provide similar services without settling for subpar quality.

The Best Equipment in the Industry

Our team only uses the greatest equipment available. Our animal control services are effective because we use cutting-edge technology from leading companies. We have a large variety of traps, insecticides, and baits available for use. Our technicians arrive at your house with all the necessary equipment, assuring a speedy turnaround time.

When you need animal control in Charleston, SC, our team is the best at what we do. Call us today for more information and obtain your free quote about our animal control services!

Animal Control In Charleston SC – FAQs

What varieties of traps do you employ?

The majority of our animal control experts have dozens of various sorts of traps, each designed for a certain set of animals and situations. First and foremost, a skilled trapper will ensure that the traps employed are authorized in that state. Second, the trapper will employ the most effective trap given the circumstances. If the topic is which trap is the most humane, inquire with the wildlife operator about the trap type. Be aware that a lethal trap may be a more practical choice than a live-capture cage trap. I nearly solely utilize live-capture cage traps; however, the type of trap may vary based on the state or the trapper’s technique.

What do you do once you have trapped the animals?

This depends mostly on the state rules governing the ownership and transport of wildlife by animal control trappers. We will first obey the law. The animal’s fate may be related to its species. Certain rabies vectors in certain states are required by law to be euthanized. Certain protected animals cannot be harassed in any way. We strive to act humanely. If the animal is healthy and it is legal to relocate it, we favor this alternative. When an animal is injured or unwell, it is sometimes best to euthanize it humanely. In general, we strive to keep the consumer informed about the correct action to take.

How much does animal control cost?

The cost of getting rid of raccoons or any other animal is determined by a number of factors. Remember that when you hire us, you are paying for both the removal of the animal and the necessary exclusion to prevent future problems, which includes treating your home, business, or property to guarantee that the animal does not return. In addition, we clean and sanitize after the animal, safeguarding the health of your family or employees and the value of your property.

Animal and pest control are long-term investments when done correctly. No matter how long it takes, we’ll remove the animal from your home or business at the conclusion of the process, and it will remain gone. With the cost of our services, you earn peace of mind.

Will capturing these animals cause further damage to my property?

At Vinx Pest Control, we make every effort to avoid further damage to your property. But, to put it another way, if you do nothing about the animal(s) causing damage to your property, it will only get worse.

A Quick Glance of Charleston, SC

Charleston is the city capital of Charleston county, southern South Carolina, U.S. It is a significant port on the Atlantic coast, a historic center of Southern culture, and the core of a huge urbanized region that includes Mount Pleasant, North Charleston, Hanahan, and Goose Creek. The city’s cobblestone streets, horse-drawn carriages, and pastel antebellum homes make it South Carolina’s coastal metropolis of choice. Charleston is noted for its easy-going Southern laid-back culture. Those who appreciate history, sunbathing, art, and good cuisine go to this historical city because of its picturesque streets, clean beaches, and unequaled cultural environment.

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