Greenville Termite Protection

Greenville Termite Protection

Effective Greenville termite protection begins with knowing how termites work. We’ve been in the business of termite control and termite protection for years and have decades of combined experience. We know the proven methods of termite protection. Termites do more than $500 billion of damage a year. You read that right. $500 billion! Keep in mind that homeowner’s insurance doesn’t cover termite damage.

Here’s a little background knowledge on Greenville termites. They live in large colonies in the ground or wood. They typically live in dry wood or damp wood.

Termite Colonies

Termite colonies consist of three spheres: swarmers, workers, and soldiers. Fortunately, our termite control experts know how to control and prevent all three from getting to your home. Worker termites are white and don’t have wings. They spend their time building and fixing the nest and feeding the other termites. The soldier termites are white but have a big, dark head. Soldiers don’t have wings either and their primary function is to protect the colony. Lastly is the swarmers. They’re more of a yellow to brown color and have two sets of wings. Swarmers fly to a new location before losing their wings and starting a new colony.

Greenville Termite Protection of Your Home

Termites can completely wreck the value of your home. If you detect them early enough then you should be able to save your home. But we recommend getting a termite prevention plan to stop them from doing any damage at all to your home.

Whether you live in Greer, Greenville, or Spartanburg, your home or business are susceptible to termites. They’re known as the silent destroyers because they’re so quiet and are relentless.

Don’t let these little bugs can cause severe damage to your residence. It’s important to protect one of your biggest assets. With a locally operated company like Vinx, you can be sure that your termite problem will be a thing of the past.

What are termites?

Termites are small bugs, about the size of ants, that eat wood. If you see one, there are likely thousands more. But it’s very difficult for the average person to come across termites until it’s too late and they’ve been eating through your home or business’s walls or foundation. 

We use Sentricon bait stations to get termites to go away from your property and protect it. Sentricon bait stations are the top of the line when it comes to Greenville termite prevention. Spending a few bucks every month on prevention is a much better alternative to having unexpected costly multi-thousand dollar repairs down the road.

Do you need Greenville termite protection?

The answer is usually yes. Whether you live near Clemson University or the Roper Mountain Science Center, you should have a termite bond. A termite bond will protect your property safe from termites and can also be very useful when you buy or sell a home. This works like a warranty to give you the peace of mind that the termite work was effectively performed by a pest control company. Sometimes these take care of needed repairs down the road. Termite bonds are a great way of protecting your asset. Similar to a car warranty

 Vinx Pest Control is a professional Greenville termite inspection company. Our termite inspectors know exactly what to look for to see whether or not you’re dealing with termites. Then, we’ll recommend the best course of action, whether that be treating existing termites or going the Sentricon preventive route.

Safe & Effective Termite Pest Control in Greenville, SC

When it comes to termite inspections and protection in Greenville, SC, you want a company with experienced technicians. Our exterminators are experts at Greenville termite inspections and Greenville termite protection. We know termites like the back of their hands, so you know your property is being protected. From inspection to treatment and protection, Vinx Pest Control is the best termite pest control company in Greenville to call. Fill out our form or go here to check out our pricing today!

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