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While wasps provide a variety of benefits to the beautiful nature that encompasses the Greenville area, they can also be very dangerous, even fatal, at your business or home. If you have wasps that need to be removed, contact us and our wasp control experts will take care of the problem!

We back up all our work with a satisfaction guarantee. If you aren’t happy with the job we’ve done, just let us know. We’ll send someone out to do the job until you’re satisfied. Click here to get a free quote.  

Wasp Removal  

If you have a wasp problem at your home, we’ve got the solution. Our technicians have spent years working as wasp exterminators to protect your home, your family, and your pets. Regardless of the kind of wasps that have invaded your residence, we can get rid of them for you in a safe and ecologically friendly way. 

If you’d prefer to have the wasps simply moved to another location instead of exterminated, we can help you with that option. You can call your local wasp and relocation company to get this done. Then, we can make sure new wasps don’t come to your home. 

Wasps in Greenville

There’s a huge variety of wasps and hornets in Greenville. Greenville has carpenter bees, honey bees, yellowjackets, European hornets, baldfaced hornets, and paper wasps. Each comes with its own set of issues. Even honey bees can cause problems if you have children or bee allergies. 

You won’t find better wasp exterminator and wasp control experts from Greenville to Spartanburg than our technicians. We’ll go above and beyond to rid your home of these intruders and at a fair price. Our wasp control service includes:

  • Thorough and detailed inspection of your home
  • An exterminator will come and get rid of your wasps
  • Sweeping of your eaves and pitches. This is to remove old nests and hives
  • Guaranteed satisfaction or your money back. 


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All of our experts have experience with wasp control in Greenville SC. We’re an honest company that knows Greenville well. You can see based on our reviews that the vast majority of our customers have been very happy with the job we’ve done. We think you will be too!

We want your home to be a wasp-free zone so that your family can play in the yard without worries of being stung. Give us a call today at (864) 670-8469 or fill out our form for a free, quick quote.

Types of Bees and Wasps in Greenville SC

Honey Bees

Honey bees are some of the least lethal bees or wasps you can encounter. They produce honey and a lot more nectar. Honey bees aren’t specific to Greenville as you can find them throughout the world. While they can sting you, they aren’t considered to be very aggressive unless they’re being provoked. This is especially true if you threaten their hive. If you have kids or a bee allergy, it can be smart to get them removed.

You can recognize a honey bee with its brown and sometimes black stomach. They typically have pale hair covering the majority of their body. They’re usually accompanied by many other honey bees as they’re very social insects. Keep in mind that worker honey bees have stingers with a poison sac that takes some tissue when you remove them. The stinger also attracts other bees because of the pheromones it gives off.

Carpenter Bees

Carpenter bees look very similar to bumble bees. They don’t live in colonies or hives and you’ll likely start seeing them in the spring. They’re called carpenter bees because they make holes in wood where they raise their offspring.

You can distinguish a male from a female carpenter bee because the males tend to be very territorial and are much more aggressive. However, you can feel safe knowing that males don’t have stingers. Female carpenter bees can sting you but they rarely do.


Living in Greenville, you’ve likely seen hornets, baldfaced hornets in particular. Baldfaced hornets are actually yellowjackets with a white face and mostly black body. They’re also typically pretty large.

These flying bugs tend to make their hives in high places but are also sometimes found in bushes. A single hive can house up to 400 hornets and can be as large as 24 inches in length. Seeing them before the end of summer is pretty uncommon. These insects control a lot of other pests in the area. As good as that is, if you spot a hive close to the ground, definitely give us a call.


You can easily spot yellowjackets from the yellow and black pattern on their body. Keep in mind that some of them are white and black. These insects usually live in large colonies and show up in the latter part of the summer. To say they’re social would be an understatement as a single hive can house up to 4,000.

You should avoid yellowjackets as much as possible. Their stings hurt quite a bit and they’re known for stinging multiple times if you disturb their hives. If you see a nest, stay far away from it and contact us for immediate removal.

Paper Wasps

They’re called paper wasps because they make their nests from a material similar to paper. Paper wasps are very commonly found in South Carolina, including Greenville so you’ve most likely seen them before. These insects are usually more annoying than dangerous so if you see them, don’t be too alarmed. They’re usually brown with some yellow. Their hives usually hang from branches but aren’t huge in size or colony size.

Paper wasps will sting you if you get too close and disturb their hives. They also frequently hang their hives on porch ceilings, door frames, attics, and other high areas around your home. While they can help keep other bugs in the area in check, they can also be dangerous to humans. Contact us for your paper wasp removal needs.

Wasp Control Greenville SC Experts

At Vinx, our technicians are experienced at wasp control in Greenville SC. Whatever the problems you’re having with wasps at your home or business, we’ll solve them for you. Contact us for high-quality wasp control anywhere in the Greenville-Spartanburg area. 

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