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How to Get Rid of Ticks: The Ultimate Guide

December 10, 2019 Vinx Pest Control ticks
How to Get Rid of Ticks: The Ultimate Guide

Here at Vinx Pest Control, we’re often asked do ticks fly? Though there are many misconceptions out there, ticks can’t fly (thankfully). They belong to the arachnid family, just like spiders, who also can’t fly! But even without wings, these pests can be extremely annoying. Not to mention, they’re incredibly dangerous. Ticks harbor diseases, some that can last for the rest of your life. So, let’s dig in a bit more about what ticks are, what they do, how they get to you, and how to kill ticks.

What are ticks?

Ticks are arachnids that feed off of blood. Like tiny vampires, they get their sustenance from blood. Because they are so small, ticks are very hard to see. Even adults ticks only get to the size of the eraser at the end of a pencil. When ticks bite, they are usually harmless. However, ticks also carry a number of diseases from drinking the blood of animals, and when spread to humans, this can be dangerous. 

Most often in Texas, you’ll find the brown dog tick, American dog tick, lone star tick, and deer tick. While you probably won’t pick up a tick near commercialized areas, like the Dallas Zoo, you could pick one up while hiking in Dallas, like Piedmont Ridge Trail or Cedar Ridge Preserve.

The problem is, you can even pick up a tick in your backyard. They live all around, and they’re hard to spot, so you never know where you may find one.

What diseases do ticks spread?

Ticks actually carry a lot of diseases, and Texas ticks have the majority of them. The most concerning disease that ticks spread is Lyme disease. However, most people don’t realize that ticks can spread more than just this one disease. Ticks in Texas spread:

  • Lyme Disease
  • Ehrlichiosis
  • Southern Tick Association Rash Illness
  • Rock Mountain Spotted Fever
  • Tularemia

Though most tick bites are harmless, you’ll need to watch the bite to ensure you don’t show any signs of the above diseases.

Where do ticks live?

Ticks live wherever there is blood nearby. Because they get their food source from blood, you’ll find ticks near animals, like deer, birds, dogs, cats, rodents, and even humans! They’re not picky, which is why you also have to check yourself and your furry friends for ticks.

You’ll often see ticks in wooded or tall grassy areas. They like to climb on trees, leaves, and grass, and when an animal is crawling through, they’ll attach to them. This often happens when you brush up against the leaves or trees that they are on. It’s best to take caution when you’re in wooded areas, like Texas Hill Country, so you don’t have any issues with ticks. You can wear a spray with DEET in it to prevent them from biting you.

That being said, if you live near tall grass wetlands, ponds, or any area with trees, you could be at risk for more ticks nearby. And sometimes, the bug spray simply doesn’t cut it.

Where do ticks hide?

Believe it or not, ticks aren’t hiding to be your arch-nemesis—they’re solely trying to survive. So, they may not hide, but they are very hard to see. Ticks are often found in moist, shady areas. You won’t usually find them basking in the sun, but you can find them in trees, piles of leaves, tall lawns, retaining walls, and fences.

Do ticks jump?

We get asked can ticks fly, and the answer is no, but do ticks jump? Thankfully, they do not. People often get ticks and fleas mixed up, and while fleas can jump extremely high, you can sleep easy knowing that there aren’t going to be ticks jumping out at you.

Where do ticks live on humans?

When ticks do find a human host, they prefer moist, dark areas. You may find them in the armpits, groin, or scalp. They bite through your skin and then burrow deep, which makes it pretty hard for you to get them out. 

If you do find a tick on yourself, do not squish it. You can safely remove the tick by grabbing tweezers and pulling the tick out as close to the skin as possible. Remember not to pull or twist as this can release fluids that are infectious. Once you get the tick out, flush it down the toilet and disinfect the bite.

How to kill ticks

We’re often asked how to kill ticks, and if you’re dealing with an infestation, the truth is they are really hard to kill. The only way to get rid of them is one pesticide, and it must be applied by a licensed pest control technician. However, getting rid of ticks isn’t so much about killing them, but preventing them from coming to your yard in the first place. Follow these tips to keep ticks away for good.

Mow Your Lawn

It’s important to keep your lawn mown short throughout the year. As the grasses grow, ticks like to fester in the moisture, which draws them toward your yard! On a regular basis, make sure you are mowing your yard as short as you can.

Don’t Leave Debris

When your piles of leaves begin to resemble the Six Flags’ rollercoasters, you know that something is up! Leaves, trimmings, and trash draw ticks in. They take over these piles and think it’s like a five-star hotel. Keep debris out of your yard and promptly remove it.

Say Goodbye to Wood

Piles of wood have to go too. Though you may be saving it up to get the fireplace roaring, it’s also going to attract ticks.

Create a Barrier

We just told you to pick up the wood in your yard, but if it’s wood chips, it’s actually okay to stay. Creating a three-foot barrier around your home can keep the ticks away. Whether you do this with wood chips or rocks is up to you, but either will help keep ticks in their natural habitat.

Keep Playgrounds Away From Trees

You want your child to play all day long without the fear of getting bitten by a tick. Because of this, make sure to keep the ticks out of your playground. You’ll want to be sure not to place play equipment near fences, trees, or the edge of your lawn.

Conclusion: How to get rid of ticks

Ticks may not fly, but they can create a pretty big problem in your home and yard. Our family members and susceptible anytime we don’t keep our yards clean. Though many people hold the misconception that there aren’t many ticks in Texas, we’re here to tell you that’s not true. There are ticks, and they can be extremely dangerous.

If you’re in the Dallas or Fort Worth areas, Vinx Pest Control is here to take care of your tick problem. We offer a preventive treatment that cuts down on the number of ticks in your yard, and we also have a satisfaction guarantee. Knowing that you invest in us inspires our technicians to do everything they can to solve your bug problem. We’re a locally owned and operated company located just off of I-635 in Carrollton. 

Give us a call, fill out the form below or click here to see pricing today and we’ll give those ticks in your yard a run for their money!