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How to Get Rid of Fleas: 5 Easy Steps

December 19, 2019 Vinx Pest Control Fleas
How to Get Rid of Fleas: 5 Easy Steps

Itching, scratching pets are not a good sign. They’re a sign of fleas! So, when your furry friend has fleas, how do you get rid of fleas in the house fast? It’s not a cut-and-dry answer, but sweeping your floors, vacuuming all carpets and soft furniture, spraying insecticide on furniture, fogging your home, or calling a pest control company can help. You’ll also need to clean your pet and give them a flea treatment to kill active fleas on them. It’s a tiresome and lengthy process, so you may wonder if it’s even worth it! But, believe us, you don’t want fleas in your home.

Let’s talk about everything you need to know about fleas and what to do when they get into your home. The last thing you need is to see that dreaded leg scratch that pets do while you’re on your way out the door. Whether you’re headed to the Cowboys Stadium or Grapevine Mills Mall, a furry pet with fleas shouldn’t slow you down. Keep reading to find out how to get rid of fleas in the house fast! If you need immediate help getting rid of fleas you can check out our pricing here. We’re experts when it comes to flea extermination.

Where do fleas come from?

Fleas come from other infested animals or outdoors. The fleas that live in the wild will stay in long grass, bushes, or other dark places until a viable host comes by. When they see an animal, they jump to them and stay there. Then, as that animal travels around, the fleas jump to other animals and spread.

What are fleas?

Fleas are parasites and very small insects. They can be incredibly hard to see. They’re wingless and drink the blood of animals and humans. Because they survive on blood, their head has sharp spikes that can pierce through skin. Then, they suck out the blood with their bite.

Fleas can cause a whole host of issues. Not only is their saliva irritating, but the bites are itchy, red, and can cause serious allergic reactions. 

What do flea eggs look like?

If you find a flea on your pet, you may think it’s no big deal. But like cockroaches, if there is one, there’s many more. An adult female flea can lay up to 50 eggs in one day, which rapidly spreads the infestation in your home. Chances are, you aren’t going to see the flea eggs. But, if you look close enough, you may be able to find a few.

They are incredibly small and white. They look similar to dandruff when they are on your pet, and you may mistake them for it too. If you see white dots on your dog and they’re itching, look for signs of flea dirt, which is actually blood left behind.

How long do fleas live?

Fleas are hard to get rid of because they can actually live fairly long. These insects can live for about a year when they have a host in close proximity to them. Though their life cycle from pupae to adult flea only takes a few weeks, they can live in their adult form for months. And the whole time they are adults, they are reproducing.

Do fleas fly?

Fleas do not fly. Though they can jump, they do not have wings. However, that doesn’t stop them from wreaking havoc. They can jump up to 13 inches high, which is over 200 times their body length! So, they’re definitely not something you want to mess with.

Can fleas live on humans?

Just thinking of fleas will make you itch, but can they really live on you? Here’s the thing, fleas love your cats and dogs. While they can bite you, they would much rather be with your animal. If your pet is nearby, they aren’t going to stay on you for too long.

How long can fleas live without a host?

Before their first blood meal, a flea can live about two to three months without a host. However, once they find a host, they can only live about two to three weeks without one. They’ll constantly look for a host and will make sure they have one to survive.

How to get rid of fleas in 5 easy steps

It’s always been known that fleas are extremely hard to kill. Even if you squish one, it’s not going to do much! Thankfully, though they are hard to kill, they’re not impossible. We’ve got five easy steps to kill fleas so that you don’t have to deal with them any longer.

1. Dish soap and vinegar 

In a bath, add ½ cup Dawn dish soap and wash your pet. Let the soap soak onto your pet for at least five minutes. Then, add some soap, vinegar, and water into a bowl. With a flea comb, brush your pet and dip the brush into the vinegar and soap solution after each combing. 

This will help kill the fleas and get them off of your pet. It’s a good first step, but it will need to be repeated as there are still flea eggs and adult fleas inside of your home.

2. Baking soda and vacuuming

Vacuuming is one of the most effective ways to get rid of any fleas or flea eggs. However, baking soda makes it even better! Sprinkle baking soda on any soft surfaces, like carpet and plush coaches. Then, rub it in with a hard brush. Wait a few minutes before you vacuum everything up.

Once this is finished, empty your vacuum into a bag, tie it off, and place it in your outside trash. You don’t want the fleas jumping out of your trash indoors and back into your home.

3. Vinegar, lemon juice, and witch hazel

In a spray bottle, combine four parts vinegar, two parts water, 1 part lemon juice, and ½ part witch hazel. Then, apply this spray to any soft surfaces. Always make sure to vacuum the house before you do this. It will make the spray more effective.

4. Diatomaceous earth

Diatomaceous earth is non-toxic to humans but harmful to fleas. If you think that you have fleas, sprinkle this in a fine layer across your home. Leave it for two full days and then vacuum the area. This is best applied by a professional because it can irritate your throat or eyes. You should always wear a protective face mask before using it.

5. Wash everything in hot water

To kill eggs, larvae, and adult fleas, you will need to wash everything in hot water. This includes your pet’s bedding, any blankets or soft toys, and your own bedding. Make sure you wash anywhere your pet has been.

Get Rid of Fleas Right Now

We don’t want your big plans to fizzle out because your pet has fleas. Even the word “flea” brings on itching and scratching—but it doesn’t have to. Fleas are notoriously hard to kill, which is why the best route to getting rid of fleas in your home is to call a professional pest control company.

Here at Vinx, we make getting rid of fleas easy as can be. We’re locally owned and operated, with our office located right off of 635, so we know the ins and outs of treating local pests. You, your family, and your pets don’t have to suffer any longer. Give us a call at 972-855-8469 or fill out our form for a free quote today!