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Free Termite Inspections

Free Termite Inspections

With the considerable amount of home damage termites can inflict, taking advantage of free termite inspections is a smart move to make. Repairing the damage caused by an infestation can be costly and extremely time-consuming. Having an annual termite inspection can prevent all the frustration associated with termites and the billions of dollars of damage they cause per year. 

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Home Termite Inspection 

Before purchasing or refinancing your home, most banks and lenders require a home termite inspection. This inspection lets them know if the property has been damaged by termites or other insects that could cause foundational harm. If any structural damage is found, the bank will require the property to be treated by a professional pest control company. Whether you’re selling or buying a home, it’s wise to do your homework and verify that your property is termite-free. 

What Does a Termite Inspection Consist Of? 

If you’ve never had a termite inspection before, you may be wondering what exactly is involved in the process. To keep it simple, there are 4 main steps that will take place: 

  • A detailed interior inspection of your home
  • A complete exterior inspection of your home
  • A thorough inspection of your yard or surrounding property 4. You should be provided with a detailed report with the locations showing any wood-destroying insect evidence or conditions that could be prone to infestation.

An official termite inspection is important to be able to obtain the certificate proving there are no termites present or observed termite damage. During the inspection, the inspector will be looking for signs of pests, moisture-damaged wood, or leaking pipes. The inspector will also check every room inside your home or business such as bathrooms, bedrooms, closets, attics, and crawl spaces. 

Once a thorough inspection is completed, the instructor will create a list of recommendations to the homeowner. If there is evidence of an infestation underground, he will recommend immediate termite treatments.

Do Termite Inspectors Come Inside Your Home?

While a quality inspection will encompass your home’s exterior and yard, there is also the definite need for inspectors to inspect the inside of your dwelling as well. A detailed termite inspection includes a close look at every room in your home, including the garage. This will also include inspection of your walls, windows, door frames, baseboards, and the inside of cabinets. Much attention will be focused on kitchens and bathrooms because plumbing lines can be used as termite pathways to get from the outside in. 

How Long Does a Termite Inspection Take? 

On average, you can expect a comprehensive termite inspection to take somewhere between 1 ½ – 2 hours. This would involve the complete inspection of both the interior and exterior of your home as well as the surrounding property. Keep in mind that this time frame may vary depending on the size of your home and surroundings. Also, the excess storage of clutter or personal items may take an inspector more time to work around. On average, an older home with unique architectural designs will take more time to assess than a newer structure. 

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What Termite Inspectors Look For? 

There are a variety of key pieces of evidence termite inspectors focus on. Knowing what these signs are can be useful as you might be able to pick up on them yourself and put a halt to the problem before it gets too out of hand. Often, you can’t even tell termites are in your home, so keep a lookout for these signs:

  • Mud Tubes
  • Frass -Termite Droppings
  • Buckling Paint
  • Live Swarms of Termites
  • Discarded Evidence of a Swarm Such as Wings or Exoskeletons Can Termites Live in Colder Climates? 

You might be under the misconception that termites can only thrive in hot, humid climates. This certainly isn’t true. Termites can be found throughout the entire United States, even in unsuspecting states like Alaska and Colorado. The cold weather doesn’t kill termites but merely slows them down into a state of hibernation.

Conclusion on Free Termite Inspections

Because a termite’s survival depends on staying hidden, severe amounts of damage can be caused right under your nose without you having a clue. If you’re in the process of purchasing a new home, selling your current one, or just want to be sure your home is protected, contact Vinx Pest Control to schedule your free termite inspection. Leave this important job in the hands of capable and experienced experts. We serve the cities of Dallas and Sulphur Springs in Texas. We also have offices in Charleston and Greenville South Carolina.