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How to Get Rid of Palmetto Bugs: The Ultimate Guide

How to Get Rid of Palmetto Bugs: The Ultimate Guide

Palmetto bugs are nasty critters that infest the homes of residents of Charleston and the entire state of South Carolina. They typically get into homes through open doors and cracks. In this guide, we teach you how to get rid of palmetto bugs and how to prevent them in the future.

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What are palmetto bugs? 

Have you ever heard someone refer to “palmetto bugs” and wondered what type of bug that is? Chances are, if you live in the southeastern part of the country, you have encountered them without even knowing it. 

“Palmetto Bug” is a common name often used to describe different species of cockroaches, particularly in Florida and South Carolina. Certain species are called palmetto bugs because they are often found living around palmetto trees. They are tropical trees with a fan-like leaf just perfect for hiding under. 

There is no difference between a palmetto bug and a cockroach. Palmetto bug is a regional term used to identify a specific type of cockroach. The name is normally used for cockroach species that live in both the indoors and outdoors. 

The American cockroach and the Smokybrown cockroach are both types of roaches that may be referred to as palmetto bugs. They are distributed throughout the United States and can be found in sewers, basements, woodpiles, and landscape materials. They prefer warm, humid areas such as tree holes or under mulch piles. 

Do they bite? 

Palmetto bugs are able to bite people but this usually doesn’t happen. They might resort to biting if they aren’t able to find a food source. However, since they have a varied food diet that includes both meat and plant sources, this shouldn’t be a problem for you. These bugs aren’t aggressive and won’t attack you. 

While palmetto bugs don’t normally bite, they can be a threat to you in numerous ways. The biggest reason to take an infestation seriously is that these pests can spread disease. They crawl through your trash, sewer pipes, and other areas that are filled with filthy germs and bacteria. When these bugs climb around on your counters and other surface areas, they can leave these germs behind. Exposure to these germs can leave you with illness and other digestive symptoms.

Some people can even be allergic to palmetto bug droppings and their skin. They leave their skin and droppings wherever they go. If you are allergic, you might develop an irritating skin rash or even respiratory issues such as sneezing or asthma attacks. 

Palmetto bugs can chew their way through cardboard or paper food packaging which can taint the food inside. They are linked to 33 kinds of bacteria, parasitic worms and are able to spread over seven other human pathogens. No wonder they are such a dreaded pest! 

Palmetto Bug Season in South Carolina 

When can you expect to see palmetto bugs trying to enter your home? This tends to happen as the weather gets cooler. You might notice palmetto bugs in your home in late fall and early winter as they search for shelter from the dropping temperatures. If you have palmetto bugs in your home in the winter you’re likely to see them in the Spring when it gets warmer as they come out of hiding as well. 

How to prevent palmetto bugs 

  • Control moisture around the perimeter of your home as well as the inside. Address any areas of leakage. Keep leaf or mulch piles raked and gutters obstructed from blockage. 
  • Only put pet food down during mealtime 
  • Seal any gaps, cracks, or holes in your exterior walls 
  • Keep trash in sealed containers 
  • Don’t leave dirty dishes next to the sink to be washed. Put them in water to soak until you can wash them. 
  • Sweep your kitchen floor often to keep crumbs and bits of food off the ground. Keep counters clean and wiped down. 
  • Vacuum thoroughly and often 
  • Wipe down kitchen appliances on a regular basis 
  • Restrict eating to certain areas of the house 

How to get rid of palmetto bugs 

Since these bugs tend to reproduce in large numbers, it’s important to deal with an infestation as quickly as possible. A quality pest control service can destroy these pests on your property so you don’t have to deal with disgusting creatures spreading disease. 

Palmetto bugs come out at night to look for food which is when you will spot them. Even if you work tirelessly to keep your house free of crumbs and other food sources, they can go a few months without any food or water. Hiring a professional service to come to your home will ensure the entire population of pests is eliminated. Getting rid of a few here or there is pointless and will only be scratching the surface. 

Effective pesticide treatments run anywhere from all-natural home remedies to hardcore chemicals. Proper placement and application are crucial to ensure success. So, many homeowners choose to hire pros to get the job done. 

If you live anywhere in or near the Charleston or Greenville areas and creepy crawlies have been invading your home or business, turn to the professionals at Vinx Pest Control. We know all the guaranteed methods to stage a counterattack on unwanted pests. We also serve areas such as Spartanburg and Simpsonville. Contact us today!