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Do I have to leave the house for pest control?

Do I have to leave the house for pest control?

Many people ask before we perform a pest control treatment “do I have to leave the house for pest control?” The short answer is no. In fact, we prefer that you don’t! Long gone are the days of needing to leave the house for a pest control treatment. We’ve gotten a lot better in the past few decades, and we’ve said goodbye to those toxic chemicals and hello to safer alternatives. Our chemicals are designed to be safe for both indoors and outdoors. There’s nothing worse than having to leave your home (or bed) and we don’t want to force you out. Plus, there’s no reason to go! We’ve got you covered. This is true of pest control for spiders, cockroaches, termites, mosquitoes, mice and any other animals

We’ll only treat the inside if you’re home, and the product is safe enough that you don’t need to leave. When we treat the inside of your home, we’ll spray it with a liquid treatment. The liquid treatment consists of a few different chemicals that will push the bugs out of your home. This treatment is watered down and diluted so that it is even safer for your family and pets. 

While we don’t need you to leave the home, we do ask that you wait for it to dry before your pets and children get near the product. Thankfully, this should only take about 15 minutes. The product dries quickly and won’t cause any issues or leave a residue once it is no longer wet. If your children or pets touch the wet product, it isn’t the worst thing in the world. Just make sure to wash their hands or paws off and keep it out of their mouths. It could cause some mild skin irritation if kept on the skin for a long time.

We understand that your children and pets can be sneaky creatures. One moment, you’re washing dishes and they are playing a few feet away from you. The next moment, they are bouncing off of walls and licking the tile floors. Hey, no judgment here, all kids go through their crazy stages! So, we make sure that our products are completely safe for your children. There’s no need to leave when we come and spray, but it would be best if you keep your third eye on them for that 15 minutes it takes for the product to dry. The last thing we want is for someone to get hurt!

Have no fear

When you ask, “do I have to leave the house for pest control?” You now know the answer is no, you don’t. Vinx Pest Control is here to help! If you’re in the DallasFort Worth, Frisco area and need pest control, we’re here to help. Our products are safe for all of your loved ones, and we’ll make sure the bugs are gone for good. We offer a guarantee on all of our work, and when you sign up with us, we promise your bugs will be gone. We’ll come out to do a free reservice if there are bugs in between your quarterly treatments. Contact us today for a free quote! Click here to get a quote or fill out the form below.