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What To Do Before Exterminator Comes For Bed Bugs

September 14, 2022 Jessica Carpenter Bed bugs
What To Do Before Exterminator Comes For Bed Bugs

Do you have plans to get bed bugs exterminated from your home? The kind of treatment and inspection to be performed determines the specific stages and conditions that must be met for bed bug preparation. The following are some general procedures you may do to assist your exterminator in efficiently carrying out their job.

1. Bedrooms 

First, take everything out from under the bed so it can be inspected. Second, remove all the sheets and linens from your beds, cots, sleeper sofas, cribs, and any other places you sleep, and then wash and dry them as needed. Take the box springs and mattresses from the bed frame and position them against the wall. It would be best to leave any foldable beds, cots, or sofas that convert to beds open for treatment.

2. Cabinets and other Furnishings 

Move the furniture away from walls and baseboards at a minimum of two feet distance. This will make it easier for the exterminator to treat those spots that are difficult to access and are familiar hiding places for bed bugs

Empty bookcases and look through the books for any evidence of bed bugs, paying specific attention to the spines of hardcover books. You will want to empty pretty much everything and investigate the objects that are stored in bookcases. Desk drawers should be emptied, and the contents of those drawers should be placed on the desk’s top surface. 

Some shoes, like sneakers, may withstand being washed, while other footwear, like dress shoes, should be left in the apartment while it is being treated. Make sure that any suitcases or types of luggage are open and easily accessible to the professionals performing pest control. 

Electronics may be left in the home in most circumstances; however, they should be turned off and unplugged before doing so.

3. Walls and Floors 

All treated areas should have clear floors. Decluttering increases exterminator access and lowers bed bug hiding spots. Behind picture frames and mirrors on walls, you may locate bed bugs. Check your walls for bed bug spots and notify your exterminator if you see any.

4. Pets  

Clean and cover pet food dishes. Pet bedding should be cleaned thoroughly. During service, remove fish tanks. Birds and reptiles should be deserted for 24 hours. 

5. Kitchens 

Put dishes, glassware, utensils, food, cleaning materials, etc., in sealed bags or containers. 

Opened cereal, crackers, cookies, sugar, flour, spices, canisters, etc., should be refrigerated or sealed in plastic bags. Empty garbage, and recycling bins, and dispose of paper/plastic grocery/shopping bags.

6. Washroom 

Bring your laundry to the laundromat in sealed, biodegradable plastic bags to protect others. 

Anything that can be cleaned in hot water and dried on high for 20-50 minutes will destroy bed bugs and eggs. Whatever can’t be washed should be dried on high or cleaned at a bed bug facility. This includes curtains, cushions, pet bedding, plush animals, futon coverings, and dirty and clean garments. Newly cleaned objects should be sealed and stored separately. Airtight garment storage bags can assist.

Elimination of badly contaminated areas is a task that should be left to the professionals. Vinx Pest Control has been exterminating insects for decades, and we are confident that we can rid your home of bedbugs. Contact us right now to find out how we may assist you.