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Will Bed Bugs Come Out With Lights On?

August 23, 2022 Jessica Carpenter Bed bugs
Will Bed Bugs Come Out With Lights On?

Are you annoyed by bed bugs in your workplace or home? It is commonly believed that bed bugs are nocturnal and most actively seek a host and feed on its blood at night. They come out throughout the day or night if there have been no human hosts in the area for some time and they need a blood meal.

It’s a common misconception that these insects only come out at night to feast. Like cockroaches, many believe they are difficult to see since they disappear when the lights are turned on. 

When the lights are on, do the bed bugs come out? Here, you can find a comprehensive explanation of the habits of these insects.

Are There Bed Bugs With Lights On?

Although many believe they can’t see bed bugs since they don’t come out while the lights are on, this is untrue. Bed bugs are active throughout the day but might be hard to notice. Bed bug eggs are about the size of a grain of sand, while full-grown adults are little more than seven millimeters long.

Bedbugs only come out at night. They also have a strong sensitivity to brightness. Because they despise heat, they may also be bothered by the warmth given off by some lights. Having the lights on does not deter bed bugs from emerging from the mattress or bed to bite you. So introducing light into your house will not kill the bed bugs or even annoy them enough to leave.

Reason To See Bed Bugs In The Daytime


When there is a significant infestation, bed bugs are also known to emerge when the lights are turned on. If you can see bed bugs while the lights are on, it’s time to get an exterminator in there to assist you in getting rid of them.

A specialist can help you get rid of your bed bug problem quickly, but it may take several weeks to get rid of them completely. Sometimes, you may see a swarm of bedbugs in one particular location. Since these pests are not renowned for their social behavior, their presence indicates that your infestation has reached a severe level.

Altered Eating Habit

If the person living in that place works at night and sleeps during the day, bed bugs will frequently alter their typical nocturnal habit and eat during the day. Though they avoid it at all costs, bed bugs must hunt for food even when the light is on. 

Bat Bugs

Another circumstance that might result in activity in a well-lit area is when bat bugs, which resemble bed bugs in appearance, emerge at any time of day or night to feed on the blood of their favorite victims, bats or birds.

When the lights are turned on, do the bedbugs appear? While the answer is affirmative, you certainly expect to keep these pests far away from your bedroom. Whether you see them during the day or at night, you should immediately contact experts to evaluate and treat the infestation. Contact Vinx Pest Control NOW! We’ll assist you in eliminating these bedbugs. We will provide the best treatment option for you. Our services will ensure your satisfaction, so call now!