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Will Bleach Kill A Roach

November 27, 2022 Jessica Carpenter cockroaches
Will Bleach Kill A Roach

Perhaps you’ve thought about using bleach as a pesticide if you have a cockroach issue. All biological forms are poisoned by bleach, after all. Cockroaches shouldn’t be able to live off of it since humans can’t. But not all bleaches are created equal; some can kill roaches. There might be better options for cockroach control than the type you use for washing. In terms of terminology, “bleach” refers to a solution to take colors out of fabric.

How Bleach Kills Roach? 

Bleach can still kill roaches even though it is a poor insecticide. It is a choice, provided that the essential safety precautions are taken, if you require a short-term fix while searching for more efficient methods.

Bleach contains a highly hazardous chemical composition. It can cause organ failure, internal bleeding, and death in any animal or human who consumes it. Despite being challenging, cockroaches are not immune. Baiting cockroaches with bleach is the most effective method for getting them to drink it. For instance:

  • Placing crumbs that have been dipped in bleach in corners
  • Where cockroaches are active, mix water with bleach and place a container there.

Does Bleach Repel Cockroaches?

Bleach may harm cockroaches, but this injury won’t last very long. In actuality, it’s one of the least effective homegrown insecticides. The likelihood of this succeeding is minimal. Cockroaches will be discouraged by the strong smell of bleach. Cockroaches will recognize the bait’s destructive nature, regardless of how tasty or alluring it may seem.

A cockroach might occasionally devour it regardless. You will typically be wasting your time. Worse, pets or young children unaware of the situation will find the bait much more alluring.

Things to Remember

You must expose roaches to bleach for an extended period to kill them. Until they are dowsed, for instance, spray them repeatedly with bleach. As a result, where it can cause the most significant harm, the bleach can thoroughly penetrate their bodies.

Only the roaches that you can see will be killed by bleach. Cockroaches frequently become active while people aren’t present, which makes that challenging. Rest confident that there are many more roaches at night if you only spot one or two during the day.

Bleach can indeed kill roaches, but it can also damage the items in and around your home. Keep in mind that various materials will rust when exposed to bleach. Plastic and metal fall under this category.


Bleach does kill cockroaches because it is fatal to all life forms. The issue is that for it to work, you have to bathe each roach in bleach. Given how adept bugs are at hiding, this takes work. Additionally, it can harm your house because it is corrosive. 

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