Bed Bug Treatment Prep


  • All sheets, bedding materials, and pillows should be laundered and then placed in
    plastic trash bags. This will reduce bed bug migration into nearby rooms.
  • Sheets, pillows, and clothes stored under the bed (or in a dresser) can be washed
    in soap and hot water. Bedspreads, covers and other items that cannot be
    washed should be dried in a dry and high temperature for 45 minutes (Please
    read the washing instructions on clothes to ensure the item will not be
  • Drapesshouldbebaggedbeforemovingfrom an infested room. Remove them
    from the bag and dry them atthehighesttemperaturefor45minutes.
  • Everythingshouldbepickedoffthefloorsofeachroom that will be treated.
    Clothes should be laundered with hot water and dried at high temperatures for
  • Place any items that can not be washed into plastic bags. They should be sealed
    for 2-4 weeks.
  • Upholsteredfurnitureinotherroomswillneedtobethoroughlyinspectedand
    possibly treated. Blankets, throw pillow, should be bagged and dried at high
    temperature for 45minutes.
  • Vacuum thoroughly under cushions and into the cracks around the furniture and
  • Vacuum carpeting and floor thoroughly; spend extra time along the baseboards.
    Usethenarrow vacuum attachments so you can clean into the cracks and
    crevices thoroughly.
  • Disposeofthevacuum bag immediately. Place the vacuum bag into a sealed bag
    and place it in a dumpster or trash receptacle away from your home. If you have a
  • Residentswillneedtoremainoutofthetreatedroomsandtreatedareasuntilthe
    products have had time to dry (usually 3-5 hours).
  • Move all furniture (in rooms that will be treated) at least 24 inches away from the
    walls to allow the technician easy access to baseboards.
  • Birds, dogs, cats, and other pets need to be removed from the home and taken to
    another location until the treatment has had time to dry (Usually 3-5
    hours). Aquariums should have the air pump disconnected and the top covered by
    a moist towel. Saltwater tanks should be removed from the premises as the air
    pump cannot be disconnected.


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