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Can An Exterminator Get Rid Of Mice?

Can An Exterminator Get Rid Of Mice?

Mice can be a serious infestation if you don’t get rid of them quickly. They spread diseases, contaminate your food and chew through electrical wiring, causing fires—not to mention how gross they are! Although you can try to get rid of these pests on your own, it may be difficult. That’s where professional exterminators come in—they’ll take care of the problem for you. They use mechanical traps and chemical baits to catch pests, but these can be dangerous if you try using them on your own.

How Does An Exterminator Get Rid Of Mice?

Mice exterminators use meticulously set out processes to get rid of mice. They use techniques that work for different types of mice and levels of infestation. Let’s look at the procedures they employ.

Elimination of Entry Points

A reputable pest control firm will begin with this step. A mouse exterminator will inspect the inside and outside of your home, find entry points, and seal them with sheet metal, wire mesh, or hardware cloth. The exterminator will ensure that the seal is correctly secured to prevent mice from entering or exiting. Pipes and vents are examples of entry points.

Trap Installation

The mouse exterminator will next strategically put traps in your basement, kitchen, attic, bedroom, and bathrooms. They use a variety of traps, including glue traps, snap traps, and other live capture traps. This strategy aids in the control of a smaller mouse infestation. In the event of a large infestation, this strategy will aid in the reduction of the mouse population.

Bait Stations

Bait stations are similar to traps in that they kill mice, whereas traps capture them alive. Bait stations use the technique of making poisoned food available for mice to ingest and die from. The mouse exterminator returns after a few days to remove the remains of deceased mice, preventing hygiene issues and foul odors from infesting the residence. This strategy reduces the population of mice and eliminates mice more quickly.


Fumigation is a pest management approach that can also be used to get rid of mice. When all other extermination methods fail to get rid of mice, mice exterminators resort to this procedure as a last alternative. This method is costly, risky, and may necessitate you and your family to leave the house for several days or weeks.

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Mice infestations are difficult to eradicate and can take months to get rid of the rodents. It is a common household problem—difficult and annoying. Mice can cause damage to property and spread disease by contaminating food, chewing through electrical wires, and spreading bacteria. But with the help of Vinx Pest Control, you can get rid of mice quickly and efficiently. Our professional mouse exterminators use non-toxic, eco-friendly products that are safe for humans, pets, and wildlife. We’ll create a plan specifically designed to address your mouse problem and give you an estimate of the costs, explain techniques used for removal, and provide you with information about how long the extermination process might take. Call us now!