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Can Pest Control Get Rid Of Fleas

April 08, 2023 Jessica Carpenter Fleas
Can Pest Control Get Rid Of Fleas

Fleas are disgusting, and there’s no denying that. Think of how they’d react if they started attacking your pet and then you. That’s ridiculously excessive! Fleas, however, are a common problem for many individuals and can be particularly challenging to get rid of. There’s no need to freak out; with just a few easy steps and high-quality products, you can swiftly eliminate those annoying pests.

This blog post will look at some of the most popular flea removal methods.

Keep Your Home Clean And Sanitary

Fleas like to breed in places that are regularly cleaned. Vacuum and sweep carpeted areas and the edges of walls and launder bedding, rugs, and pet bedding. When people have flea problems, they frequently sanitize their houses right away and choose to keep them clean to keep pests out. Even a spotless house, however, will not keep fleas at bay.

Place Flea-Repelling Plants

Some plants can repel your adversary, so you can use them to eliminate fleas. According to experts, flea deterrent plants include chrysanthemums, spearmint, pennyroyal, and lavender. Plants are what you need to get rid of fleas successfully.

Consider Home and Pet Care

Begin home therapy alongside pet treatment. This disrupts the flea life cycle and keeps all treatments on track. In general, focus outdoor treatment on shady places and areas where pets spend the most time. On the other hand, each creature in the house requires attention. Before using a flea comb, pets should be washed in soap and water. 

Look for a Professional Pest Control Service

Home remedies are generally simple and inexpensive, but they cannot guarantee the complete eradication of a flea infestation. Professional help is recommended regardless of how severe or simple your pest issue is. You’ll need to hire a pest management company to restore things. A qualified pest exterminator can deal with the infestation, pinpoint it, and altogether remove it.

What Flea Control Methods Does a Pest Control Company Use?

Eliminating fleas, like cockroaches or rats, necessitates a systematic strategy. Most companies employ a four-step procedure to eliminate fleas and keep them away from your home.

  • Inspection. To ensure the effective distribution of flea treatment chemicals, it is critical to identify the locations of flea infestations.
  • Identification. Professional flea removal services use effective treatments to eradicate adult fleas and avoid flea infestations. 
  • Flea Control. Based on the life cycle, population concentration, and degree of infection of the flea, a pest control expert will use the appropriate flea treatment, such as a flea bomb.
  • Prevention. Their assistance does not stop with flea removal; they will also provide helpful information on keeping bothersome fleas from returning after the initial therapy. 

What’s Next?

Fleas have a long life cycle, making flea removal challenging. Whether your pest issue is minor or severe, seeking professional help is the best action for quick, practical outcomes. Vinx Pest Control will thoroughly inspect your property and provide you with a strategy to eliminate fleas permanently. Call us straight away!