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Do Mosquito Treatments Work

February 25, 2023 Jessica Carpenter Pest control
Do Mosquito Treatments Work

Good friends, family, backyard birds, and butterflies are always welcome. Still, there is one visitor no one wants to see while spending time outside: mosquitoes. These bothersome insects can transform a pleasant outdoor gathering into an itchy nightmare. Nobody enjoys mosquito bites. Mosquito-borne illnesses like Malaria and the Zika virus can cause serious health problems. Many people have turned to chemicals such as repellents or mosquito sprays to avoid mosquito bites—the question of whether mosquito treatment work remains unanswered.

How To Get Rid Of Indoor Mosquitoes

Dealing with mosquitoes is burdensome. They buzz in your ear at night, suck on your blood, itch you, and bite you. How do you then get rid of them? You can try numerous home remedies to keep mosquitoes away from your home. Here are some methods for controlling these pests out of your home.

Apply Chemical Repellents

Using a chemical insect repellent designed for outdoor use is an effective way to eliminate mosquitos. Repellents can keep pests away from lawns, backyards, and gardens for up to eight weeks. You can also apply a traditional, non-toxic repellent to your skin.

Set A Mosquito Trap

Mosquito traps are a convenient way to keep your mosquito population under control. These traps work by imitating the visual and olfactory stimuli that attract mosquitoes to humans. There are numerous varieties of mosquito traps on the market. Some work by attracting mosquitos to a sticky surface, while others use an electric grid to electrocute them. 

Eliminate Standing Water

Female mosquitos lay eggs in standing water, and the larvae hatch. Empty any stagnant bodies of water you can find, such as water in buckets, gutters, ditches, and pet bowls. Check that any bird baths have fresh water and that your potted plants have adequate drainage.

Plant Natural Deterrents

Mosquito repellent does not have to be only functional; it can also be aesthetically pleasing. Planting natural pest deterrents can beautify your garden while keeping these pesky pests at bay. There are plants and herbs that you can grow in pots for your deck or directly in your garden as a natural way to keep these pests at your homes!

Hire Professional Mosquito Control

While DIY methods may yield some results, you should hire a professional pest control company if you’re dealing with many mosquitos. The companies have the expertise to kill mosquitos at all life cycle stages. They are more knowledgeable about chemical safety practices.

Wrap Up

Most of us buy mosquito repellent sprays, coils, or liquids to keep mosquitos away from our homes. Unfortunately, the majority of these are heavy in chemicals and might affect the individuals in the house by producing lung problems. Attempting to hire specialized pest control professionals, such as Vinx Pest Control, is a wise decision to alleviate your pest problem. We use high-end products formulated to achieve long-lasting results while being among the safest to use around people and pets. We are committed to providing our dear clients with the best possible service while saving you time and money.