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Does My Landlord Have To Pay For Bed Bug Exterminators

March 03, 2023 Jessica Carpenter Bed bugs
Does My Landlord Have To Pay For Bed Bug Exterminators

Have you encountered a bed bug problem? There is no need to feel ashamed because bed bug issues are more prevalent than people realize. The apartment’s susceptibility to infestations from these bugs is mainly unaffected by how well-kept or high-quality it is. You can use the details below to determine who is liable for paying for the bed bug treatment in your apartment or rental property.

Inform Your Landlord of the Bed Bug Issue

Contact your landlord or building manager when you detect a bed bug infestation in your apartment or building. Your owner should employ a certified exterminator to check your rental for bed bugs and determine their density (and adjoining units).

Your landlord should give you the appropriate notice of entry for the exterminator’s inspection before they enter your unit, or they should work with you to devise a plan for accessing the unit that works for both of you.

In some states, there are specific rules regarding the obligations of landlords and tenants regarding bed bug infestations.

Who Covers Bed Bug Extermination?

Most states demand that landlords provide comfortable lodging, and most judges don’t view apartments with bed bugs as livable. Therefore, extermination is typically the landlord’s responsibility unless the tenant introduces the bed bugs.

However, figuring out who brought the bed bugs into multi-unit structures can take much work. Numerous tenants may be moving in and out. Some may have recently returned from a trip overseas and brought bed bugs; others may have brought furniture with bed bugs. As a result, landlords (or their insurers) frequently bear the expense of extermination and (possibly) tenant relocation in buildings with multiple renting units.

How to Respond If Your Owner Doesn’t Get Rid of the Bed Bugs

Depending on the law in your state, you may have options such as: 

  • withholding rent
  • deducting extermination costs from your rent
  • breaking your lease
  • moving out early
  • Suing the landlord for any damages you suffer, such as having to pay for pest control out-of-pocket or having to replace personal belongings harmed by bed bugs

However, consider speaking with a lawyer or a neighborhood housing resource to see what legal alternatives are available before you take any actions to deal with an unresponsive landlord.

Residents’ Right to Know if a Rental Property Has Had Bed Bug Issues in the Past

Even if the owner has used the proper extermination techniques, many tenants won’t want to live on a property with a history of bed bugs. Some states require landlords to declare past or current bed bug infestations. If a tenant has any concerns about the history of bed bugs on the property, they should question the landlord if there have ever been any infestations.


Although landlords may take a few measures to contain the bed bug infestation temporarily, it is best to leave this type of pest issue to a pest control specialist like Vinx Pest Control. Thanks to our team of highly trained specialists, we have the equipment and expertise to get rid of the bed bugs on the property and prevent them from reappearing for a very long time.