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Does Pest Control Include Termites

Does Pest Control Include Termites

There is a significant difference between general pest control and termite control. Most termites are not killed by regular pest control because they live underground or inside mud tubes. Effective termite control necessitates using specialized products designed to eliminate the entire colony rather than just a few individuals. 

Termite Control VS Pest Control

Most termites are subterranean termites, which live deep underground and inside mud-like tubes that they construct. Subterranean termites emerge from the ground via “mud tubes” of their feces, as in wood products used in the construction of houses and offices. Professional products must be applied in the ground around the foundation to effectively eliminate these termites.

Trenching around a home’s foundation and drilling into concrete slabs are all part of a termite control service. Once the termites are eliminated, a barrier of liquid chemicals is applied to prevent future infestations. This is a very effective method for treating subterranean termites, but it can be expensive and time-consuming.

Pest control treatments, on the other hand, are typically topical and effectively treat crawling pests such as crickets, desert roaches, spiders, ants, earwigs, centipedes, and others. They can also control flying pests that land in treated areas. However, general pest control treatments do not affect subterranean termites in their underground colonies or protective mud tubes.

How Do I Avoid Termite Infestation?

You can prevent termites from invading your home by implementing the following measures. Nonetheless, this list is not exhaustive. It is always advisable to consult a termite prevention expert for the most efficient and effective methods to prevent and treat termite infestations, as each home is unique.

Maintain a Dry Foundation

Moisture in your home’s foundation and crawl space attracts termites. Keep your foundation dry to avoid termites. Install a crawlspace drain line. Check for leaky windows, plumbing fixtures, pipes, and roofs.

Eliminate Food Sources

Termites eat cellulose, which is present in wood and paper products. By removing or reducing the amount of cellulose available to termites, you can reduce their attraction to your home.

Keep Plants Out 

We love having plants around our homes, but some of them can attract termites. These potted green friends also make pest control harder and make it harder to spot termites attacking your wood siding or foundation cracks!

Schedule regular termite inspections

Using this checklist will help protect your home from termites, but it is always a good idea to have an annual inspection performed by a trained professional. They can locate points of access that aren’t immediately apparent or identify early signs in the event of an infestation.

Reach Us For All Your Termite Control Needs!

Vinx Pest Control employs highly trained technicians who understand how to exterminate termites in your home or business. Our technicians conduct a thorough termite inspection to determine the most effective treatment options for the type of termites and infestation you have. If you need a termite inspection or a price quote for any other kind of pest control, give us a call right away.