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How Can Protect Home From Pests When Temperatures Rise

How Can Protect Home From Pests When Temperatures Rise

We saw some record high temperatures in March, with a few days reaching around 90 degrees! Many of us are happy to finally get into the reason we live in Texas, but what many newer residents don’t realize is the importance of taking precautions throughout the hot weather season to keep homes clean and pest-free.

The mating season is also in the spring/summer. While pest activity increases in the spring, most pest movement and patterns occur outside as bugs seek food, water, and mates. However, certain pests may seek out safe havens like your home to nest.

Take a look at your window screens for cracks and rips.

If you have little children or pets, you may notice that they are able to puncture your window screens without exerting any effort on their part. Verify that you can allow in the fresh breeze while keeping the insects outside, where they belong, by checking all of your windows and screened-in recreational areas once more.

In order to assist you in repairing punctured screens, if you observe pests working their way through your screens, contact your local screen and window provider for assistance. Once your screens are in good working order, give us a call to schedule an in-home inspection so that we can perform double duty by keeping bugs out and cool air in at the same time.

Clean the interior of your home.

Despite the fact that summer is still a few months away, spring will be here before you know it. When it comes to cleaning out closets, cupboards, and other nooks that have been plagued with rodents, the spring season is usually a good time. Remove spider webs, dust mites, and other insects from congested places by cleaning as much as you can during the weekend.

Keep the area around your house clean.

It is possible that you may want to start cleaning up around the outside of your home when the temperatures begin to increase. Remove any mounds of leaves or bushes that may be a breeding ground for insects during the colder months. Find areas where water can pool for weeks or months at a time and collect there. This can include things like flower pots, buckets, bird feeders, and other such items. These are good breeding grounds for mosquitoes, and they are also excellent hiding places for scorpions.

Contact Vinx Pest Control!

A good pest control firm understands how to use insecticides properly inside and outside the home to keep unwelcome insects at bay. Protecting your property from pests is a continuous process. In order to keep your property free of pest damage and your family’s health safe from pests, you must devise a pest-prevention strategy.

Property damage caused by bugs can cost thousands of dollars, and health issues caused by pest invasions can be particularly dangerous to youngsters and the elderly, with long-term consequences. As frightening as these issues are, the good news is that they can be avoided.

At Vinx Pest Control, we offer residential pest control services to eradicate current pest issues and prevent future problems from occurring. Call us now.