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How To Remove Squirrel From Attic

January 20, 2023 Jessica Carpenter Pest control
How To Remove Squirrel From Attic

Squirrels are cute animals with many furs but can also be trouble. Squirrels like to chew on wires, steal food from bird feeders, and chew through roof shingles, which can cause damage to homes. There are various ways to eliminate squirrels in your attic or around your property.

Use Repellent

An example of a repellent is ammonia. If you have located the squirrel’s nest, you should put some of the ammonia around it. The pungent odor will annoy the squirrel, and it will cause squirrels to view the attic as a less desirable place to spend their time. In this way, they may only visit it for a reasonable amount of time.

Trap Them

You can remove squirrels by catching them using a one-way cage and bait. You can trace a line of sunflowers or other seeds leading to the trap and leave some sources in front of it. The squirrel will gain confidence as a result of this. Remember that you should verify local wildlife laws to ensure you understand the requirements for squirrel trapping where you reside. If you can trap and release squirrels, relocate them several miles away from your house.

Use Light In The Attic

Squirrels are most active at night, before dawn. If there’s a light on, they don’t feel safe and instead feel exposed. In your attic or loft, you can temporarily install lighting, a flashlight, or a standing light. Point the light toward the nest if you know where it is. It will irritate the squirrels, and they will most likely abandon the nest in search of alternative shelter.

Seal Entry Points

Finding their entry point is the first step in getting rid of squirrels if you have an attic. While squirrels might spend the night in your attic, it’s nearly assured that they’ll be exploring the rest of your house in search of food at various points throughout the day. It’s much easier to get rid of the squirrels and stop them from returning if you can find the entry point. Always watch for potential entrance points onto your property, including vents, gaps, and unlocked chimneys.

Clean Up The Attic

Squirrels may urinate or defecate on your attic stuff or gnaw right through the drywall. The urine and fur grease squirrels leave behind is a powerful attractant for other animals, predators, and squirrels. A raccoon will occasionally break into an attic that smells like a squirrel. Other squirrels may also enter, looking for a safe spot to reside or a mate. Cleaning, removing, decontaminating, and deodorizing the attic is a beautiful idea.


If you don’t know what you’re doing, dealing with a squirrel infestation might be challenging. If you’ve tried everything suggested above and are still harassed by pesky squirrels, engage a professional pest control company. Vinx Pest Control is always here to help you quickly and humanely remove squirrels from your attic. Instead of struggling for weeks to catch these animals, we can come in and do it for you. Call us right away!