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Pest Control Simpsonville SC 

Are you searching for the best pest control in Simpsonville, SC? This beautiful area which is also part of the “Golden Strip” is known for its diverse industries, low unemployment rates, and geographic beauty. But along with all these benefits also comes some unwanted pests. Clover mites, ants, ticks, mosquitoes, centipedes, spiders, and the dreaded termites are all part of the territory. 

We want to help keep your Simpsonville home safe for you and your family. Pests aren’t just a problem outside. They will take any chance to get inside your home and make themselves comfortable. The best way to prevent an infestation is to put in place a routine residential pest control plan. All our products are regulated by the EPA and are safe for use around small children and pets.

We do ask that you keep your kids and pets away from treated areas for at least 15 minutes after application. We use a combination of different treatments, depending on the severity of the problem and the kind of insect or rodent we’re dealing with. We start our treatments with a power spray which creates a 6-foot barrier around the foundation of your home or business. This prevents pests from coming indoors. We then remove any visible nests and spider webs from the eaves of your structure. Last, we spread granulated pest control around your lawn and landscaping for even more protection.

Simpsonville Tick Control 

With all the beauty that Simpsonville, SC has to offer, you have to be on guard when it comes to ticks. Most pests bite or sting, and then take off. But ticks latch onto us and stay awhile. An adult tick can attach itself to a 

person and hang on for 10 days if undetected. Ticks have the ability to pick up and carry dangerous diseases to humans and pets.This is why it’s so important to check for ticks after a nature walk in the tall grass or spending much time outdoors. 

Because ticks pose so many dangers to both you and your pets, you’ll want to do everything possible to keep them away from your home. With our help, you can have outdoor parties and barbeques and rest assured that your family and friends will be safe. When you hire us to treat your property, we guarantee our work or we’ll come out and reservice for free.

Our Simpsonville SC Pest Control Services

We offer a variety of pest control services to people who live or work in Simpsonville SC. Our pest control services include:

  • Rat extermination, prevention, and removal
  • Squirrel removal
  • Animal control
  • Mice extermination, exclusion, and removal
  • Ant control
  • Bed bug extermination
  • Termite treatment and prevention
  • Tick control
  • Wasp extermination and more!

Mosquito Yard Treatment Simpsonville SC 

In Simpsonville, mosquitoes can be a problem not just in the summer, but all year long. There’s nothing worse than feeling trapped inside on a beautiful evening because mosquitoes are looming just outside your door. That said, there are certainly specific times of the year that those little buggers are particularly bothersome. In South Carolina, mosquito season generally falls between March and September. You can avoid a major infestation by being proactive and implementing professional mosquito control before things get out of hand. 

It’s important to begin mosquito prevention before their eggs start to hatch. Once the outside temperature reaches 50 degrees, the hatching will begin

and it may be too late. The earlier you get started with mosquito control, the better chance you have of keeping mosquitoes down to a minimum around your home. 

Termite Treatment Simpsonville SC 

The weather in Simpsonville is mild and comfortable. It’s also fairly humid. This means the ground remains damp but never freezes. This creates the perfect environment for termites to flourish. Termites don’t take the winter off in South Carolina which means trouble for your home built of wood. The most effective way to prevent termites from damaging your biggest investment is to have a termite inspection done on your property. Our trained technicians will come to your home and investigate signs of infestation or damage. If you live in the south, termites will always be an issue, but they don’t have to negatively affect your home.

About Simpsonville SC

Simpsonville, SC is a suburb just 20 minutes southeast of Greenville. It’s a vibrant city filled with culture and community. One of the safest cities in America, Simpsonville is a wonderful place to live or visit. With a working railroad line running along Main Street, the city has a unique history to offer. Set at the base of the Blue Ridge Mountains, there are beautiful foothills, clear lakes, and pristine mountain vistas to explore. From art galleries and museums to fine dining, Simpsonville won’t disappoint.

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