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Ant Control & Exterminator in Dallas, TX

Ant control in Dallas is something you may already be familiar with. Ants will continue marching one by one—unless you control them. Some ants may seem harmless and others (like fire ants) might as well be the devil’s children, but really, all of them are bad. You may think that these little pests are nothing to worry about, but that couldn’t be further from the truth. Let’s get those ants to stop marching before they wreak havoc on your home.

Ant Control

When it comes to ant control in Dallas, you have to be smart. The problem with ants in Dallas is that there are so many different species. To the average Joe and Jane, these ants all look the same. However, to our experienced technicians, they couldn’t be more different. Just like you and your neighbors all love different things, so do these neighboring ants. Some ant species are obsessed with your yard, and others, they’d turn their nose up to it. Maybe they like your house, or even worse, your food! 

To get rid of the ants, you have to know the type you’re dealing with. Since some species are pretty hard to get rid of, the DIY methods are simply too gentle to stop them in their tracks. 

How to spot ants

Before we get rid of ants, you need to know how to spot them. You could have an ant infestation and never even know. The thing is that most ants are pretty good at hiding. They like to blend in with bushes, shrubs, twigs, and trees. 

With some ants, you may see them. They like to climb the different trees and bushes in the yard. Possibly, they may even be in your home. Ants usually get in from small holes or cracks in the home that lead outdoors. Because ants are so small, it’s not hard for them to come in from even the smallest of holes.

Other ants, like carpenter ants, cause significant damage to the home because they hollow out wood to create their nests. When you spot these ants, you’ll usually find piles of wood shavings. There may even be strange noises in the wall. But, have no fear, you’re not in a horror movie. That noise coming from your wall is the carpenter ant. Thankfully, unlike termites, they cause a lot less damage and can take years before anything structurally is damaged.

One sign that you may have an ant infestation is that there will be ant piles in your yard. This may look like a pile of dirt, but it’s really the dirt that has been dug up from the ants creating the underground tunnels for their nest. Ant tunnels can be hard to spot from far away, and you may not notice them until it’s too late and the ants have created their nest.

Another sign to look out for is trailing ants. Anytime you see ants trailing, whether it be on your foundation or pipes, it’s a good sign that the ants are away from their nest and looking for a food source. Unfortunately, that food source usually ends up being you. Your trash, leftover toddler’s crumbs, or even a full course meal sounds delicious to every ant. Before you know it, they are in your house ready to eat.

Ants are full of problems

As soon as you see those ants trailing into your home, you begin to get itchy. Something about seeing bugs brings out the itch! But, believe it or not, that’s not the only problem that ants will bring to your home. In fact, ants can do a lot of damage to you and your house.

Some ants are pretty harmless, like the sugar ant. However, even harmless ants can cause issues. They may nest in your food or in your home. Imagine going to grab a bowl of your favorite cereal, pouring it into a bowl, and having ants crawling all over it. Unfortunately, that’s happened to me. I swore off cereal for months after that and meticulously checked everything in the pantry for the next few days. The last thing I wanted was to eat ants!

Ant control is important so you don’t have ants all in your food. It’s imperative to get rid of ants as soon as you see them. While sugar ants and a few other types of ants may eat your food, they are probably the most harmless. Other ants, like fire ants, are something you definitely need to worry about.

Fire ants are one of the most dangerous ants. The problem with them is that they create ant piles or hills that are hard to see. These occur in your grass or dirt, and if you step on one, it’s bad news. Fire ants sting and the sting is very similar to bees and wasps. Not only will you feel it, but it will blister and fill up with a clear fluid. The stings will itch for a few days to a few weeks, and the pain can be extreme. When you see fire ants around your property, you should get an ant exterminator in Dallas immediately. Ant attack pest control is important to prevent a serious attack from happening.

Another reason to get pest control for ants is due to carpenter ants. Carpenter ants will hollow out your wood siding. While they cause a lot less damage than termites, they are also sneakier. You may not find carpenter ants infesting your home for years, and this can cause major structural damage to your home. 

Ants control service

An ants control service is needed for these areas. Ants are easily the biggest problem we find with residential properties, and a lot of times, the infestations are so large that it can take multiple treatments just to get rid of them. 

With ants, restricted-use products are often needed. That means you need a professional ant exterminator to get rid of the ant infestation. We use a combination of bait and pesticide to get rid of the ants. Depending on the species invading your home, we may need to use a dust pesticide that we can dust into cracks and holes, leaving behind pesticide that will kill the ants.

How much for an ant exterminator?

The biggest question we get is how much for an ant exterminator. We understand that cost is a big factor for many people, which is why we bundle our ant service with preventive pest control to help keep the problem under control once we get rid of the infestation. While there is no telling how large the infestation is, we will get it under control. 

Our pest control cost varies on the issues you’re having and how large your home is. Give us a call today or fill out the form below to get a free quote!

Our guarantee

We know how difficult it is for ant control in Dallas but we’re a professional company that is willing to do what it takes to get rid of the issue at hand. Our experienced technicians will identify the ant species that you’re having problems with. After that, we will choose a special pesticide or bait that has the best chance of getting rid of that specific ant species.

If you’re seeing a trail of ants or a small hill, it may only take one treatment to get the ant population down. However, then you need follow up preventive treatments to break up the egg cycle and ensure that the ant infestation doesn’t start back up. With our quarterly service, we will make sure that the ants are gone for good.

When you sign up with Vinx, you can count on us. We guarantee that we will solve your ant problem. We offer free reservices, so you can rest easy knowing those ants are done! You can kiss goodbye the trail of ants, you can stop worrying about your toddler’s small crumbs, and you won’t have to even think about the ants invading your pantry. With our ant attack pest control and ants control service, your problem will no longer be an issue. You know you’re in good hands with Vinx! We’re open 8 am – 8 pm and ready to serve you. 

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