Bed Bug Control in Charleston SC

Bed Bug Control in Charleston, SC

Thanks to the beautiful weather of the Charleston coast, it leads to one pest that no one wishes to have: bed bugs. Though many people associate bed bugs with dirty, unkempt places, that’s simply not true. Bed bugs can come from anywhere and can appear in any home. You’ll find these annoying pests in soft sheets, bedding, couches, carpet, and even padded chairs. 

The problem is, bed bugs can cause some serious annoyance to you and your family. They survive by drinking your blood, so if you’re already feeling itchy just reading about it, you’re not alone. We’re passionate about making sure that your bed bugs get handled quickly, efficiently, and affordably.

What are bed bugs?

Bed bugs are small parasitic pests that drink blood. They often bite their human hosts in a pattern of three, and the bites are itchy, red, and small. They feed off of your blood, but they’ve also been known to eat dead skin, hair, and nails. Though they don’t usually harbor dangerous or deadly diseases, they are an extreme annoyance and can cause allergic reactions.

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How do you get rid of bed bugs in Charleston?

Unfortunately, the humidity and moisture of Charleston is the top offender in making bed bugs happy to come into your home. They run rampant, and the worst part is that bed bugs are notoriously difficult to get rid of. They’re small, resilient to many chemicals, and need consistent, professional-grade materials to kill them and their eggs.

Contacting a local Charleston exterminator is the best course of action when you find bed bugs. If you’re dealing with bed bugs, don’t wait. Call us immediately for a free quote to get rid of them once and for all.

Our Bed Bug Promise

We use high-pressure steam to kill bed bugs and their eggs on contact. Because the heat is controlled to a specific spot, you won’t have to leave your home. We can do it all while you sit back and relax. After we’ve heat-treated all of the susceptible bed bug spots, we go in with a power duster. We dust underneath the baseboards and other vulnerable spots to be sure that all bed bugs and eggs are gone. At Vinx, our treatment is guaranteed for 30 days, so you can be sure that the bed bugs will no longer be a problem.

If you’re in Mount Pleasant, Sullivan’s Island, Isle of Palms, Hanahan, Summerville, or more, we’re happy to serve you. As a locally operated company, you can count on our experts to get the job done! Give us a call or fill out our form to get a free quote today


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Why Do I Need Professional Bed Bug Control?

Hiring professional bed bug control in Charleston, SC, is beneficial for a number of reasons. Here are four benefits of hiring a pest control company to get rid of bed bugs.


When bed bugs invade your home, you want to get rid of them as fast as possible. Bed bugs are difficult to exterminate on your own. Professionals can thoroughly eliminate the bed bug infestation and ensure the bed bugs won’t return.


If you’re concerned about the environment, you’ll want to contact professionals who exterminate bed bugs using eco-friendly solutions. Pest control businesses utilize chemicals that are effective without causing harm to the environment.


It’s important that any business or homeowner gets rid of a bed bug infestation as fast as possible. As soon as bed bugs are identified, you should hire a professional pest control company to treat your property and get rid of the bed bugs.


Hiring a professional pest control company is more economical than trying to get rid of the bed bugs on your own. Professionals have the expertise to tools and equipment that are not available at neighborhood hardware stores. They use these tools and equipment to locate and destroy every bug in your house or business.

Tips for Detecting Bed Bugs in Your Charleston Home

You can detect if you have a bed bug infestation by checking for visual signs of them, as they are well-known for their ability to hide and can survive for months without feeding. Consider the following tips:

  • Check the places where you sleep or relax.
  • Look for bugs that resemble an apple seed in color and size.
  • Look for fecal stains on your sheets, mattress, box spring, or bed frame.
  • Smear some rubbing alcohol onto a cotton ball and rub it on suspected areas to check if you find any bed bug eggs or shed skins — they will stick to the cotton ball.
  • Look for tiny black dots or specks in areas where the bugs might be hiding (underneath mattresses, box springs, behind picture frames). These are their droppings.
  • Check for small bites that resemble a mosquito bite but typically appear in clusters of around three bites.

Bed bugs are hiding all over your home, not just in your bed. If you suspect or detect signs of bed bugs, contact a pest control professional immediately.

Vinx Pest Control provides environmentally friendly solutions to protect your home or business from termites, bed bugs, mosquitoes, and other pests. We ensure that our pest control solutions don’t have any adverse effects on the health of you or your family. Our professional exterminators are trained to take care of all kinds of infestation problems quickly and effectively. Call us today!

Bed Bug Control In Charleston SC – FAQs

Who is susceptible to bed bugs?

Everyone is vulnerable to bed bugs. Even if you clean and inspect your home for bed bugs on a regular basis, they can still appear unexpectedly. Travelers are more likely to bring bed bugs in their luggage.

What exactly are bed bugs?

Bed bugs feast on warm-blooded creatures’ blood. Bed bugs are so-called because they are commonly found on or near beds and other resting areas. Their bites are irritating and unsanitary, causing itchy welts on the skin and leading to secondary infection. These insects can also easily spread from house to house or room to room. 

Although bed bugs cannot fly or jump, they can hide in your clothing, luggage, furniture, and other items. Bed bugs are so little effective at hiding that you unknowingly bring them home on your belongings.

Where can you find bed bugs?

Bed bugs are especially common in sleeping areas. Beds and furniture, pictures, and baseboards next to a bed account for roughly 70% of any bed bug infestation. Bed bugs can be found in cracks, folds, and tucks, as well as in and around these areas.

Upholstered furniture is the second most common bed bug harborage after beds, and a small percentage of any bed bug population may be found on random items or fixtures throughout a room.

Can bed bugs feed on animals and pets?

Yes, bed bugs may feed on animals, including your pets. In their search for food, bed bugs are frequently willing to feed on cats, dogs, and other warm-blooded animals.

A Quick Glance of Charleston, SC

Charleston, a coastal city in South Carolina, founded in 1670, is known for its cobblestone lanes, horse-drawn carriages, and pastel antebellum mansions, particularly in the exquisite French Quarter and Battery areas. The Battery promenade and Waterfront Park both include views of Charleston Harbor, while Fort Sumter, a federal bastion where the opening shots of the Civil War were fired, is across the water.

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