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It can be very difficult to get rid of bed bugs in the DallasFort Worth area. That’s why you need to get the best bed bug exterminator in Dallas, Fort Worth, Arlington, and the entire area. Bed bugs are parasitic insects that feed exclusively on blood. The name of the “bed bug” is derived from their preferred habitat nearby or inside of beds and bedding or other sleep areas.

Bed bugs are mainly active at night but are not exclusively nocturnal. They usually feed on their hosts without being noticed. If you think you’ve got bed bugs in your Dallas area home, contact us immediately and we’ll send one of our bed bug specialists out to your home ASAP. You can also click here for a free personalized quote.

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How Effective Are Pest Control Experts as Bed Bug Exterminators?

Getting rid of bed bugs is a lot of work and it’s a job that needs to be done right. Our bed bug exterminator experts will work with you to help you prepare for your service. A trained bed bug exterminator will thoroughly inspect and service areas of the home that may be infested or affected.

Proper products and techniques, as well as quality follow up are required to rid your home of these invaders.

A highly skilled and trained bed bug exterminator will treat furniture (mattresses, box springs, couches, etc.) with high-pressure steam, which kills bed bugs and eggs on contact.

This heat is controlled, so you don’t have to leave the house and it doesn’t have the potential to damage electronics and wiring (like a whole house heat treatment may). We then follow up with a power duster to inject dust under the baseboards. You don’t even have to leave the home. This service is guaranteed for 30 days.

If you live in the Dallas area, including Arlington, Colleyville, Bedford, or Carrollton, and more, then we’d love to be your bed bug exterminator. Give us a call at 972-855-8469 or fill out our contact form for a quick quote for the best bug specialists in the business!

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"We've used other services previously that did not even compare to Vinx Pest Control. They showed up right when they said they would and were thorough with the entire process. We've had a problem with spiders and ants and haven't seen any since they came and sprayed. I would definitely recommend this service."

Scott L.

"Quick and efficient service. I called and they were within a few hours. Each time I have them out the treatment keeps the bugs away. Whatever they do they do it well!"

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"These guys are the most thorough, careful and personable we've ever had come to our house. The technician who came out was extremely polite & professional. He took the time to pinpoint & identify all our issues before he started which inspired a lot of confidence in the company!" 

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