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Tick Yard Treatment Dallas, TX

Dallas is known for its humid weather and beautiful trees. But with that comes dangerous ticks and the need for tick yard treatment. Ticks are small bugs that latch onto your skin and use your blood for nourishment, which is why tick control is necessary. They stay attached for quite some time, and they’re really hard to kill (just like vampires!). Whether you’re checking out the Great Trinity Forest or hanging out in your backyard in Mount Pleasant, ticks are ready to bite.

Not only are ticks a bit scary to find on you, but they can carry harmful diseases, like Lyme disease. Save yourself a trip to Baylor University Medical Center and let our tick control experts handle things. When it comes to protecting your home and your family, a tick exterminator can help eradicate them in your yard. If you need tick control right now, click here to see pricing or give us a call. 


What is tick control?

Tick control is a method used to cut down on the number of ticks in your yard. If you’ve recently been bitten by a tick or have seen ticks near your home, this isn’t too much of a surprise. They are common bugs, but tick control can make them much less common to protect your family. There are a few things that go into tick control:

  • Pick up yard debris, like leaves and tall grasses
  • Discouraging animals with fences as animals attract ticks
  • Create a barrier from your home to wooded areas with wood chips
  • Apply a pesticide to cut down on the number of ticks and drive them away

Though prevention is important, ticks are extremely hard to kill. If you’ve already seen them in your yard, an exterminator will need to use professional-grade treatment.

Do I need tick yard treatment from an exterminator?

Ticks don’t often go away on their own, and if you have been seeing them, you probably need tick yard treatment from performed by a professional tick exterminator. Though you can try to get rid of them on your own, ticks carry harmful diseases that can be life-threatening, so it’s not a bug to mess around with. A tick control expert knows how to target these bugs and can get rid of them quickly.


What does a tick exterminator do?

Tick extermination cuts down on the number of ticks in your yard. First, our Vinx technicians will inspect your yard for any hotspots. Once those are taken care of, a pesticide will be applied around the home, especially in those areas that ticks are prone to hang out and hide away in.

After that, our technicians will give you recommendations on how to cut down on the ticks you are seeing by getting rid of any preexisting problems. Then, if you are still seeing ticks after our treatment, give us a call and we’ll work until they’re gone!

Is tick control safe for family and pets?

Yes, tick control is safe for your family and pets. Whether it’s Fido you’re worried about or your toddler, our products are completely safe—and they’ll help protect your little ones from harmful diseases that ticks cause!

Trust Vinx Pest Control for your tick control

We’re not your average pest control company. We believe in going above and beyond, which is why we guarantee our service. Vinx Pest Control is a locally owned and operated company that works to provide the best tick control service. Plus, with our satisfaction guarantee, we do the job until you’re happy with it. If we perform tick control at your home or business and you aren’t happy with it, give us a call and we’ll do the job again until you’re satisfied. 

If you’ve been seeing ticks, don’t wait until it’s too late. We’re located right off of I-635, which means we can get to anywhere in the Dallas metro area quickly. Give us a call today at 972-855-8469 for a free tick extermination quote and protect your family! 

How Our Tick Control Works

Tick Inspection

We’ll conduct a detailed inspection of all outdoor areas, including the lawn, trees, shrubs, and gardens. We’ll identify potential tick nesting sites and areas of concern. After our comprehensive inspection is complete, we’ll create a customized plan to keep ticks out of your yard and off your pets.

Tick Prevention

Our tick prevention services will eliminate current ticks and prevent new ones from taking up residence around your home. We can also treat vegetation near fence lines and other high-traffic areas where ticks are likely to enter your yard.

Tick Treatment

If you already have a tick concern on your property, we can help with that too! We offer one-time or ongoing treatment plans to remove existing ticks from your yard and keep new ones from invading. 

Tick Maintenance

Ticks are active year-round — even during winter months — so we offer ongoing maintenance services for continued protection against these blood-sucking pests. 

Contact Us Today!

At Vinx Pest Control, we understand how important it is to provide a pest-free environment for your employees, clients, and vendors. That’s why we’re here to help. Our team will also provide useful tips on how to keep pests from infesting your building or property. Our tick control in Dallas TX can help keep your property tick-free.

Tick Control In Dallas TX – FAQs

What symptoms indicate a tick infestation?

The pests themselves are usually the first signs. Medical symptoms caused by tick-borne diseases or fluids are examples of secondary signs. These can vary and are best diagnosed by a medical professional. Insects can be discouraged by repairing any crevices or gaps and keeping the grass cut short outside.

Do ticks have wings? Jump? What about falling from trees?

No way, no how. Ticks can crawl and climb through vegetation. However, they lack wings, jumping legs, and the behavioral adaptations necessary to drop from trees onto passing hosts (consider the time and energy that would require!). It is common to find an attached tick in the armpits or behind the ears, or at the base of a person’s scalp because of their tendency to crawl upwards.

How do ticks get their food?

Because ticks cannot digest solids, they dribble saliva into wounds to dissolve tissues and suck up this soup. Tick saliva contains enough bacteria and protozoa to make ticks one of the world’s most potent disease vectors.


What can I do to keep ticks out of my yard and house?

The goal of tick prevention is to eliminate the types of areas ticks typically inhabit in your yard or home. Keep any tall grass or weeds trimmed on a regular basis, and keep firewood or brush stacks away from the house.

Once your yard is free of ticks, a professional pest control service can do the job of eradicating these pesky parasitic critters from your yard. A little prevention goes a long way toward keeping ticks away from your lawn, home, pets, and even you! So, work with Vinx Pest Control to protect your family from the illnesses and diseases that ticks carry.

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