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Warning Signs Of Bed Bugs To Look Out For

July 12, 2022 Jessica Carpenter Bed bugs
Warning Signs Of Bed Bugs To Look Out For

Bed bugs are a public health problem. Although it is not known to spread illness, they are still a big inconvenience. They can seriously affect not only people’s physical and emotional health but also financial ones too! 

One pregnant female may lay up to 500 eggs, which can quickly multiply and become an infestation problem. If you have an infestation, getting rid of it can be a challenging and time-consuming process.

Here are some guides on recognizing early signs of bed bugs in your house.

Symptoms Of Bed Bug Bites

Most people who have bed bugs find out when they start getting bitten. Since many different insects are capable of biting, it is important to know how to recognize bed bug bites.

Bed bugs are more likely to attack bare flesh, so keep your blankets off your arms, shoulders, neck, face, and the soles of your feet. Bites tend to occur in groups, sometimes zigzag over the body. Although the bite is painless, some people report itching, redness, and swelling after being bitten. 

Bites will be an important early indicator to keep an eye out for.

Bed Sheets Stained With Blood

Blood spots on bedding are an additional early warning sign of bed bugs. Once a bed bug has consumed enough blood, its flat, seed-like body expands until it looks like a bit of football. A bed bug that has just completed feeding may be crushed or squeezed to death if you make a quick movement or shift in your sleep.

Although it doesn’t usually kill them, it can make a significant red or rust stain from the blood where they recently fed.

Another reason is bed bug saliva is anticoagulant, meaning it stops blood coagulation while the bugs are feeding. After feeding, it is possible that the regions that were bitten will continue to bleed for some period.

Leaves And Traces Of Droppings

Since they survive on blood, bed bug feces are darkish and resemble coffee grounds in texture. You can probably spread some dried blood on it if you poke at it with your finger.

Bed bug droppings are most commonly found on bedding but can also be found on the bed frame, nightstand, as well as other furniture in close range to the bed.

The Bed Bugs Itself

Bed bugs are good at hiding, so you probably won’t ever see one unless you first become suspicious of their presence and actively seek them out. Finding the bed bug lair is the easiest and most sure approach to detecting an infestation.

You’ll need a flashlight since you’ll be searching for bed bugs in locations that are dark and hard to see. The mattress should be checked first since bed bugs only live near to their food supply. You might be able to see them around the mattress’s edges if you raise the bed.

Pest control experts are always your best bet for eliminating a bed bug infestation once and for all. So contact Vinx Pest Control now and learn more about our services! We will help in getting rid of those pesky bed bugs.