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How To Deal With Mice Infestation

How To Deal With Mice Infestation

Being plagued by mice is one of the most bothersome and unpleasant experiences we can have. Therefore it’s critical to understand how to correctly handle the situation and prevent it from happening again. Here are the things on how to deal with mice infestation.

Set Mouse Traps

Mouse Traps are indeed one of the most effective methods for removing mice from a home once they have established a colony there. Please place them in your home where they are most likely to be found, along walls and behind trash cans. Even while traps won’t eliminate the mouse population in a single night, there may be a temporary reduction in the infestation’s severity.

Use Essential Oils

Mice are bothered by the potent scents created when combining clove and peppermint oils. Place cotton balls that have been soaked in these essential oils all about the house in areas such as drawers, cupboards, and entranceways that mice frequent. Essential oils will deter them from entering the home. Even while the smell won’t get rid of the mice, you can use it in combination with other methods to get rid of them.

Seal Off Entry Points

Eliminating entry points is one of the finest lines of defense against mice infestation because they are intelligent and agile. A mouse can fit through a hole big enough for a standard ballpoint pen to fit through. Fix any cracks or holes where mice could squeeze through. Since steel wool scrubbing sponge has sharp edges, use it to cover the holes so that mice and other rodents can’t eat or dig their way through.

Adopt A Cat

Mice despise the idea of being the prey of larger animals. Mice are a source of entertainment for cats, and they occasionally even like eating the game they catch. You are responsible for providing proper care for a pet cat, but having one of these animals as a companion comes with the added benefit of assisting you in removing mice.

Cayenne Pepper

When it comes to seasoning our food, we’re all for a dash of cayenne pepper, but mice, on the other hand, do not enjoy the burning feeling of consuming spices like cayenne pepper. Spread some cayenne pepper around your home in any areas where you suspect mice may be lurking.


Ammonia is created through the natural breakdown of animal urine. Since of this, mice will avoid any location with this scent because they believe it originates from a larger animal looking to consume them for dinner. You should sprinkle just a few drops of ammonia in the areas where mice nest to keep them away. Excessive amounts of ammonia can be dangerous to both people and their pets.

Final Thoughts

It would be best if you addressed mice infestations head-on. Call a professional if you still have mice after completing the mentioned above. Vinx Pest Control can help you with mice and other pest infestations in your home. We can give you the best quality of service to you. Call us right away!